Free Uni/b*ke Maps All Post Please!!!

Ok, I am looking to get FREE PRINTED Bike/Uni/Trail maps. Below are the ones I know of. Please everyone post all the ones you know about. PRINTED is the key, I know I can download from all over, but the ones below they will send to you Printed and not even charge for postage!!!

This link is for a complete set of 9 fullsize maps. Includes all trails in Illinois.This is a REALLY NICE SET!!
They have a neat interface you can see them all on-line here;

To get a fullsize printed map of Lake County Illinois simply email your snail mail info to;
:slight_smile: and tell them you want a County Bikeway map

Seattle - Free printed bike map - email request

Oregon state 3 state maps - email

Iowa - email


North Carolina


Chicago Bike Map

Lots of cities and counties have bicycle maps for bike lanes, bike paths, and suggested bike routes on the roads. Often you can get the full size printed maps for free. It’s just a matter of knowing where to go to get them.

Bellevue, Washington: Bike Map
They give the phone number to call to get the map. They don’t seem to have an online way to request a map.