Free Trials Uni

Hi, I’m still kind of new to unicycling and very enthusiastic about trials unicycling. I was looking to buy one, but my parents’ wallets are a bit tight. :frowning: If anyone has an ISIS trials uni or anything else that is suitable for trials riding, and is not using it much, I would appreciate it if you would consider giving it away.


Me too! I want a free $300 unicycle also :wink:

You don’t need to spend a lot to learn how to ride. Save up your birthday and Xmas gifts, ask for cash when you get good grades, go from house to house in your neighborhood and do yard chores. All you need is $50-75 to get a starter uni.

well, I’m looking into doing trials (possibly hard trials) and I don’t want to have something that will be quickly demolished.

He means that, you will probably(99% sure) wont get a free trials uni. Try to get some money and buy one.

I know the chances are slim (very) but there are thousands, possibly millions of unicycles out in the US. I’m just looking for that one person who has no use for their trials uni

chances of winning to lotto is slimmer but people still do it

Many more people have cash than unicycles.
Instead, you might consider posting “Wanted: $300 Cash” to all wanted forums on the net.
This should increase your odds of success.

well, you never know…

Im sure we do know lol… the chances are so minutely slim that there is no point even thinking about considering the idea of asking lol :smiley:

Sherman, most of the time you have to work to get the things you want in life.

I know, but it’s sometimes hard to get money to buy stuff.

Let’s consider some options:

  1. working around the neighborhood - people are already paying people to do stuff; and parents won’t even let me ride my bike to friend’s house. they’re not going to let me going around making money.; also want me to focus on school, not work

  2. asking money for chores - parents consider chores as being part of living in household

  3. saving up Christmas gifts - that would be about 4 - 6 years

everyone, please, enough criticism

I was just seeing if anyone has anything lying around in their garage. If no one has anything around, it’s fine with me.