FREE Torker CX & DX - Southern California

Hello! Been about 12 years since I’ve been here and I am giving away a Torker CX and a Torker DX that have spent too many years in the closet and deserve to go to someone who will properly use them. The CX is the unicycle I learned on, and the DX is one I rode muni on so it’s a little dirty. Unfortunately I do not have the muni tire for the DX, just a dual rail road tire on it, sorry!

Whoever wants them will need to drive out to Culver City to pick them up.

I’m interested but I don’t live in California. If I paid shipping would you FedEx them?

I’d rather exert as little energy as possible to get these to someone, but if no one else local speaks up in the next week I’ll be in touch.

What type of cranks are those on the dx?

ok thanks

As far as I know, they are the original cranks that came on it. I got this DX in a trade on here, pretty sure it’s all original (only a month of use before I got it) and it’s “the older model of DX that still has brake mounts” according to the guy who sent it to me 13 years ago (time flies!).

See if there is s a uni club near by. I have given all my older out if date Unicycles to kids, hoping one oth them will catch the bug and learn to ride. I’m sure there is a kid in your community that would love to learn but may not be able to afford a unicycle…

They look like the same tubular steel ISIS cranks that came on my Torker DX from a couple years later. Heavy but sturdy.

Edit! No, I was wrong, those are non-ISIS cranks, with a pinch bolt. They must have switched to ISIS for my model.

it’s been a week. have you found anyone yet?

because i’m still here

I’m in SoCal and my daughter could use them? I am out of town right now but I work in Santa Ana. I could come get them the week of April 5th if that works.


That works for me.

Sorry to the others who I’ve missed (truck driver guy, my bad!) and anyone else who feels let down.

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No problem. I understand.

it’s cool

Thanks. I’ll follow up when I’m back on Friday.

I am back home. I will be headed to Santa Ana on Monday if you have time for me?

Unicycles have been given away! Not sure if I can manually close this thread or not, but if not… they’re gone :slight_smile:

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