free structures available for vancouver trials riders

Hi All,

I’m cleaning up my backyard and have a couple of trials structures that I don’t use anymore due to the close proximity of other good riding.

For anybody willing to pick them up, you can have for free (or maybe for a case of beer!):

Two 24"x48"x48" boxes
Two 2"x10" planks that fit into slots in the boxes to make 2" wide parallel beams.
Another 10"x5"x10’ box beam
A moveable structure for practicing sidehops, starting at 26" height.

First come first serve- email me and let me know, at

-Kris Holm


If anyone is driving down to the California MUni Weekend from up there, please bring those along, and we’ll do some sort of contests with them! The cost of shipping them would be a bit much, so otherwise I think they should stay in the relatively local area. :slight_smile: