Free Shirt

Hello there,

So you like free stuff huh? Well I got this shirt from Bedford, Ive never worn it and guess what… It’s FREE.

I asked Darren to add in a shirt in my last order with him.
He said…
“I have over 30 shirts now.
I will send an awesome one, 20.00”

and this is what he sent, WTF… sorry thats not cool business. I understand this might not be the most popular shirt and he wants to get ride of some… but sorry Darren I am not paying $20.00 to wear your logo, kinda pisses me off. If I had seen some pictures I would have picked an “awesome” one, not this.

Anyway I figured I would give it away to someone on here before burning it or dropping it off at good will.

Just send me $5.00 to cover shipping and I will send it anywhere in the U.S.

Picture 20.png

Oh yea forgot the size. This is a a “Large”.


Hahaha, that’s bedford!
He covers his unicycles in so many bedford stickers (right over the KH logos, bless him).

i would…but after the story i dont wanna :slight_smile:

Pm’ed :slight_smile:

Didn’t have to burn this one.