Free Shipping from Coker

I received a note from Coker today;

Free Shipping. Sorry it’s limited to the states.



I’m going to sticky this post until the end of February or Gilby decides to unstick it. Thanks for the info.

Coker Classic Cycles



Your avatar is anoying :wink:

Damn, I closed my browser again!

I may change it soon :wink:

It looks like the same old stock Coker.

Do you think all that talk about improving the coker and that thread asking for input was for real or just someone yanking our colective chains.

Free shipping or not I would by a nimbus it is a much better value.

Now $449 through February at UDC.

Or $580 for the delux model with SS spokes and airfoil rim.

And they both have the superwide hub.

Yeah, UDC has the better unicycles, glad you mentioned that Tellurider, I was thinking folks could save on the shipping on tires and tubes when I posted. Glad Harper made it sticky, and also that UniBrier put in the links.

Or I would buy a Nimbus. I like the radial 360 from UDC better also because of the wide hub and for the same price. No free shipping but it will cost more than that to upgrade to a wide hub. Also the Radial’s rim looks better than the stock coker but I don’t know if it actualy is.

Yeah the free shipping could make the differance of getting one or not for some folks and I started with a stock Coker and it served me well.

I hadn’t thought about tires and tubes good point!

We are here to serve.

That is so true. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting about this free shipping. I bought a tube and am awaiting its free delivery.

This is the last day of free shipping from Coker and I have unstuck the thread. Thanks, Chrashing, for posting this info. I hope a lot of members were able to take advantage of it.

harper you should have used super glue! pritt stick just isent sticky enough :wink:

I’m just checking in to convey my appreciation to Chrashing for the tip, which I did take advantage of, thank you very much!:smiley:

The credit really goes to Coker. Getting the word out was team effort, Glad it was useful.