FREE Schlumpf Hub (with purchase of wheel)

If you are looking for a Schlumpf Hub built into a 26 inch wheel, consider owning this one. It is hub #346 and has more than 3 years left on the warranty.

It is the MUNI version but has only been road ridden. I like hill climbing, but find myself preferring to drive to the hills to ride, and prefer my 29” non-geared uni. I’m just not all about riding THAT fast.

I would guess that I have put ~250 miles on this hub. It comes with the owner’s manual, grease, and tools that it came with. The wheel was built by Bronson Silva of Silva Cycles.

The hub is FREE (with the purchase of the $1550 wheel) + shipping. It’s in awesome shape. For an extra $40, I’ll leave the 137/165 cranks on. 137s are a great length of crank for me to reach the buttons and provide stability.

Hub goes with the wheel. You can buy the wheel alone for $1550, but why not take the free hub with it?

It should be free hub and wheel, just pay $1500 shipping :smiley:

You’re trying to sell the wheel right? Why not tell us more details about it instead of details about the freebie?

It’s a 26" wheel with a Schlumpf hub. You can shift into two gears. What other kinds of details do you need? I think it speaks for itself. I don’t know what your question is.

If that is the case can I do local pickup to avoid shipping? :smiley:

I think unicycledood was referring to what rim/ tire are built up around the Schlumpf.

Good luck with the sale!

I think MJS is probably right, that unicycledood would like the specs on the wheel build, what kind of rim, KH, Nimbus, etc.

If you have a picture maybe that would help anyone interested.

I personally am not in the market but sounds like a great deal for someone. mbalmer, I thought it was a really cute ad with a little flair :slight_smile: Best of luck with the sale.

Hmmm. I don’t really know. I could try to find out. Bronson Silva built it up for me, so you know it’s strong. I’ll ask him for the details.

I’d be pretty surprised if the wheel was built with something other than the standard KH 26" Freeride rim. If the rim has a KH signature logo, that’s the one (KH has only produced one version of the 26" rim so far).

Here are the details:

KH Mountain Hub
KH 26" Rim
DT Swiss Spokes, double-butted, brass washers, brass nipples

If I ship this, Bronson will package it correctly for shipping. I’ll pay the labor for this, but buyer pays the shipping.

Hope that is what you are looking for.