free props to UDC

When riding my Coker I sometimes get the “Where do you get such a big unicycle?”
I usually say, “Go to” because UDC have been good to me.

Which uni shops do you give props to?

I usaly tell them that buymybikes in san juan capistrano has them becuse i buy like them. OR UDC Or lastly try ebay ,
where in the OC do you live not that it maters I am moving to windsor, CA. :smiley:

i wish it weren’t down right now…does anyone know why? or when it’ll be back up?

It’s probably down so that they can update it or modify it. I tell people to go to Bedford.

Bedford only has more expensive unis. I tell people to go to
they have a bigger selection

Actually, bedford only sell good stuff…

that might take a while they need to fix a lot of things.

the prices on bedford are in CAD duh thats why they cost more. And bedford actually takes the time to make your order what you want so that it works. Its worth any extra money.

seriously, Bedford has a way better selection than udc. and udc sends you stuff that you dont want because they dont have what you ordered and they dont even tell you that their going to do it. I give props to Bedford.

Also, the prices on the Bedford website have tax included

Both Bedford and UDC are great people who love unicycling. I think we are all very fortunate that people that have a passion for this sport have started these companies. I am fortunate to call the owners of both companies among my friends.

UDC UK, they’re fantastic, and of course we don’t have any other choice.

But it’s in CDN, and that’s annoying for me. Anyway, I usually say because it’s easier for them to remember. If there was someone who wanted to upgrade, I’d recommend Bedford. Both have been great to me.

UDC germanys pretty cool they sent me a seat cover for free when they gave me the wrong color KH fusion seat.