[Free] NOS 24" Large Marge Rim and 3" Downhill tire

I’m not making use of the NOS tire and rim that came with my Conundrum frame. I figure someone here might need it. Reach out to me if that’s you.


Wow! That’s a throwback! That was THE SHIT a couple years ago! If I was still riding a 24’’ I’d totally jump on it. I was looking for one back then but eventually moved up to bigger wheels. Beautiful parts and solid rim :slight_smile:


PM sent to @authoritimmy

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Jaco, if I end up providing a home for this rim and tire, would you be interested in creating a frame for it?


If I was closer I’d also jump at this.

I have the 32h 24” rim set up and I really enjoy the planted ride - but part of me has always wanted a 36h version.

It just feels like this is how the 3” Duro tyre was meant to be mounted.

To whoever gets it, enjoy - you’ll have a classic ride that while a bit heavy is just bombproof

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100% in for that ! :smiley:


I am a huge fan of a bit heavy and bombproof. My uni collection is turning into an example of that.

I keep going back to your photo above, hoping the rim is still available and it might be able to find its way into a Flansberrium frame, and into my garage. :crossed_fingers::grin:

Felix, you have a knack for capturing photos that make a person re-assess their stable of unicycles, and decide to build another. In some circles, you might be called an enabler (in the most positive meaning of the word!). :laughing:

Here’s an example:
Heavy :white_check_mark:
Bombproof :white_check_mark:
Total joy to ride :white_check_mark:


Well that’s nice to hear. I mean to enable stuff and uni-builds to spark up :zap:- but I bear no responsibility on the impact to ones bank balance or garage space! :joy:

Here’s hoping this comes to fruition :crossed_fingers:

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@authoritimmy , Since your last post on this forum was a long time ago, I wonder if you did not receive my PM? My PM stated that I would love to be the new owner of your Large Marge rim and 3” tire. I provided my zip code so that you can calculate shipping and let me know how much that will cost me, and so we can arrange payment for that.

If another home has been found for the rim & tire, please let me know.

Thank you!

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I admit I didn’t do a great job keeping an eye on my dms, but in this cas I told myself I’d get you a real quote on shipping for you. USPS’s estimation is about $40.

It’s yours as far as I’m concerned if you’re ok with the shipping cost. I’ll box it up and see if the private guys are cheaper. Send me a DM with an address and I’ll get it going

No worries! I just wanted to make sure you saw the message. I appreciate you obtaining a shipping quote. I will DM my address and we can work out payment via that avenue!

Thank you for the very generous offer!

Look what I found!

You get bonus points for knowing which movie this phrase comes from…



Pee wees big adventure.

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Large Marge arrived this afternoon!

I took her to the park at the end of the street, to introduce her to one of her future playgrounds. :grin:


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