Free Muni in Boston, MA, pickup only.

Hi all, my parents are moving, cleaning out the basement…
This is a great old unicycle, outfitted with a good seat, I think it has an air tube in the seat. its got a 3" gazzolodi tire, snafu pedals, some strong cranks…

has not been ridden in probably 10 years. Might need a new tube. I’m 6’6’’ so you might need to lower the seat…

This is pick-up only. I don’t live there, but if you email me and tell me when you want to pick it up I will tell my folks to leave it on the porch and you can go grab it. There are some historical stickers on the frame. If you would like a team youkneesighkill t-shirt maybe we can work something out.

Please email me at if you are interested!
Dan (formerly uni-man-dan on these forums)

Wish for a transport teleport for this MuniMama

Guess Seattle is too dang far. Been wanting to become a “Muni-Mama” along with my fifth child who started riding last year and is hitting the trails with me now. I’d drive across the country if I could… and I’ll even pay for shipping too if you would. But alas, your parameters are clear, so I’m sure someone in Boston will enjoy it soon. Didn’t know the sport has been around that long! But maybe if I keep saying my prayers, something will someday show up for me in Seattle!

Best of Luck to you!


This uni belongs to a museum!

Kooka cranks, Suzue hub, Gazzaloddi tire, Roach saddle… I wish I was in Boston too!

And isn’t that a Pashley frame?

It’s gone

I can’t figure out how to delete this post… But the muni is no longer available. Gilby if u see this pls delete!