free mounting

hi all,

just a free mounting question which i hope has not been covered that i have missed.

my free mount is very weak and sloppy and certainly not 100%

i am right footed and mount with right pedal at lowest point hop on,roll back then if im lucky pedal off!

videos ive watched show pedals horizontal,if i use this way should i put left foot on first then pedal off using my stronger right foot ? i have tried both left and right foot first but both feel wrong!

i hope my explanation makes sense!!

Whichever works better for you but I don’t think you need to switch. I’m pretty conventionally right-handed and I normally free mount with my left foot on the ground and my right on the pedal. It feels more like shooting a layup in basketball where I jump off my left foot, or kicking a football where my left foot is planted on the ground.

It might just be that I learned it that way first and I’ve practiced more like that. I can do it with my feet reversed but not as well.

Yes, it will! :slight_smile: It takes practice, and it gets a lot easier the more unicycling you’ve done all around.

You’ll get it!

I may not be the best person to comment, given that I’ve only been managing to free mount for 3 days. Or maybe that makes me the ideal person!
I’m left handed, but kicking a ball feels more natural with my right foot. I have the left pedal back and slightly below horizontal, and static mount on to it, so the uni doesn’t roll back at all. One tip from a video in the tutorials section which I found helped is to position my right hand directly over the front pedal. It helps give a target/reference point for where your foot is aiming. I also didn’t quite use a stop block, but I started on a slight downward slope, which helps prevent the uni rolling back under you. It’s more about getting your own body up over the uni than getting if in under you.
I certainly wouldn’t say I’ve “mastered” it yet, but I think I’m at around 60-70% success, so it’s going the right way.
It’s just a case of practice, but I also found a smaller wheel helped. I’m practicing on my 19" just now, and will transfer it to the 24" when I’m happy with my technique.
Best of luck.

Practice with each foot alternately because by learning free mounting you are learning unicycle control, not just free mounting alone, and you want control with both feet.
Practice stalling as well, that helps a lot with free mounting.
Remember, it feels great when you can do it because it is so hard to learn!

I have seen so very many different ways of free mounting on youtube and tried them all. Some say do this and don’t do that, but while you keep trying you eventually will find a way that works for you. My dominant leg is the right one, so I put the right pedal almost at the top and a little back, then I only have to jump up a little while keeping the weight on the saddle and my left foot automatically lands on the left pedal. I don’t even have a month’s experience with a uni yet and I bought a KH26 last Wednesday. On Friday I practiced for 3 hours that were totally frustrating, but yesterday morning it finally clicked. Now I can free mount most times. The main problem I have is being afraid and because of that I don’t hang forward enough, but now I know how I just need to practice and I even rode in the forest today where there was no support and that went just fine.

thanks for your replies and help,i will stick with it and keep trying and hopefully all fall into place:)

That was the best static mount tutorial I came across – it was posted in the Tutorial section of this forum (can’t find the original thread right now):

Would have loved to see it before I figured it out on my own… :slight_smile:

I’m right footed and mount exactly like in the video. It did feel very strange when I started to learn it because my left foot was not very precise.

Your skills are well ahead of me mOOms.
Until today, I have been kerb mounting by wedging the back of the wheel against a kerb and hopping up, with the cranks almost level ready to go.
This has built up muscle strength, balance, and muscle memory.
Today I managed to get up from ground level with no problems, using a brick as a back stop.

The next step will be the most difficult when I try it with no back stop.
The YouTube advice to lean forwards, and throw my weight over the front of the cycle really helped today.
A proper free-mount without rolling back is next.