Free-mounting on small surfaces

Right now, I can easily free-mount on the sidewalk by putting my dominant foot on the corresponding pedal and then rocking.

Now, how would I free-mount on small surfaces in which rocking means falling off (ie railing)

How do people like KH and Dan Heaton mount?

When I mount on skinnies, I put my back foot on the pedal, and my front foot about 10cm away from the back of the tire. I quickly mount and start pedaling forward right away. From there, riding on the skinny is all about confidence and commitment.

The super-awesome-insanely-good riders are able to slowly pedal along the skinny, but when your just starting, it’s a good idea to ride with some speed.

It sounds like you’re currently doing rollback mounts. A static mount will get you on top the unicycle without much wheel movement. I’m not good enough to mount on a small surface yet, but there’s a big difference between my rollback and static mounts in terms of wheel movement. I found this short clip comparing the two:

I tried static mount…

works great!


I had issues with the static mount (on KH24", but also on the noname 20" I used before). It simply did not work for me since I could not stop my foot from the reflex to push down the pedal. :o

Recently I did, however, a (for my level) quite extreme long downhill tour, partially on single trails, steep with lots of stones and roots . Since I UPDed quite frequently it turned out as well to be a good mounting execise. Due to the steepness it was actually very straight forward to do static mounts.

Back on flat territory I could still do it. Since then this is my standard way of mounting. :slight_smile:

yea i roll bak mount on rails lol .