Free Mounting for Men

My husband and I have two LXs. I find the seat pretty comfortable, but he thinks it is a torture device designed to squish certain areas best left unsquished. We are both learning to freemount. I am doing fine, but he is having trouble because he won’t put any weight on the seat until he is on the unicycle. He uses both hands to hold the seat (and keep his weight off it) so that when he rocks on the uni the seat doesn’t rollerpin his crotch :astonished: . Is this just the reality of freemounting for men or will getting him a better seat/changing technique fix the problem?

3 words. padded Bike Shorts. Otherwise you learn to kind of scoop thing forward out of harms way just before you mount. Once you go bike shorts you don’t go back. If he is modest about skin tight shorts (and they should be tight to hold junk up out of the way) he can do what I do and wear long basketball shorts over them

Even with skin tight padded bike shorts I still appreciate a good saddle (hint: it is not shaped like a U). I do not put my full weight on the saddle until I am sure that I have gotten my naughty bits out of harms way.



exactly! lift al your stuff out of the way. get on th seat, not on the uni yet, just have the seat under you like preparing to mount. release your goods and they’ll rest gently on the seat up and out of the way. then you’re good to freemount and ride as you please.

Solved my problems with a KH Fusion Freeride saddle…cost more than the unicycle and was well worth it.

I feel like i use the seat to lift them out of the way. I dont sit forward on my pelvis also. I sit back on it, as to sit on my butt, not my naughty bits.

A caring wife would offer manual assistance in the positioning of sensitive parts.

no boxers.

tighty whities or boxer briefs.

Boxers are fine.

I do the scoop then wiggle my leg untill everything is in position then get on the uni.

and yah U shaped seats suck for guys. Cutthing the foam flat helps a lot.

I’m doing a second foamectomy tonight on my FFR and I plan to flatten the nose this time. Not a lot, just some.

What kind of freemount is he learning? I ended up learning the roll-back mount instead of the static one because it gives more time for certain parts to self-adjust (or so it felt like to me). I am planning to work on the static mount once I am fully comfortable riding longer distances (i.e. when whatever mechanical inefficiencies I have in my sitting posture are ironed out by practice).

Freemounting was not possible for me until I got padded cycle shorts. After a year’s worth of riding I now have improved skills that allow me to freemount without padded cycle shorts. The skill (which comes naturally) is to freemount without putting your weight all the way down on the seat. While beginning to ride, I slowly put my weight down and gyrate slightly such that the goodies find a safe place on their own.

With that said I racked myself up recently riding on rough gravel. My weight came off the seat and I sat back down on ______. That would have been minimized if I had been wearing tight padded cycle shorts.

I call it the “Scoop and plop”