free mounting at last: Props to Digital Dave

Having ridden my first 100 meters last fall i’ve been working on distance and static mounts for almost a year.

I’ve felt pretty good about my distance ability for a while, and i can even take my little 20" Sun USO down gravel roads, but static mounts have been a persistent frustration to me, leaving me dependent on a pair of ski poles to get going, and necessitating having to carry them along on my rides (a tedious demeaning burden indeed).

However. Two or three weeks ago i happened to have the chance to do a little riding in Chicago with Digital Dave. Meeting another uni rider and being able to actually eyeball what he was doing was a big help. Dave had some pointed and helpful suggestions.

My ability to improve my static mounts improved geometrically! And today, a couple of weeks later i finally ditched my ski poles!!! Much more fun not to need ski poles, and it’s a easier to concentrate on riding.

I’m very happy to have finally gotten a handle on free mounts, and i wanted to give Dave some props here.

Thanks, Dave!!:smiley:

Congratulations! I remember how awesome it felt to finally be able to freemount whenever I wanted to. The freedom was amazing.

That’s fantastic!
I find freemounting really hard and can only do it about 60% of the time. At a workshop by Rogeratunicycledotcom he showed me how to do the static mount and rolling mount and it makes so much difference to be shown and to have someone correct your mistakes. I’m not freemounting any more often now but I have a wider variety of mounts. My favourite is still the lampost/wall/car mount.


would someone please explain this “static mount” i just got my unicycle 2 days ago.

I believe this is the place to go for a description.

Freemounting is perhaps the single most useful skill on a unicycle. Everything branches off from it. I had to learn to mount into ww before I could seriously practice it, because having to walk back to the wall every time is just frustrating.

Congratulations! Being able to hop on the uni and go is one of the most amazing feelings when you just get it. It blurs the line between walking and riding after a bit. I know that when I’m walking with people, and I decide to get on, there isn’t even a change in pace anymore.

And as for other people helping you - I never had anyone show me how to freemount, but once my friends started in with the uni, their progress blew me away. I’m hoping I’m not just bad at it, and that being able to explain to them what they’re doing wrong when they fall, and showing them how to get going helped them along considerably. I hope :smiley:

Now you’ll have to delve into the world of freemounts - jump, kick-up, reverse, side, static, roll-back, floor. The list is endless!


Re: free mounting at last: Props to Digital Dave

Congrats! Being able to freemount is truly liberating!