Free mounting (again)

I know there have been threads about freemounting before but I have a question -
I have been trying for about 2 months now. I keep thinking I’ve got it - can do kickback mount every other but then the next time I practice I can’t do it. It’s a bit frustrating. I keep thinking maybe I should go off and practice something else, but I want to get it.
Is it ‘normal’ to take a while to do regular freemounting?
Thanks to anyone who answers.

freemounting is usually very hard at first. but eventually you’ll be able to do it allllll the time without thinking twice. I think what helped me the most is concentrate on leaning forward a lot, so you’ll be kind of falling forward but then you pedal to keep the wheel up with your upper body.

I (perversely) started trying to freemount before learning to ride, so the whole thing took a loooong time for me!

I’m now on my third and fourth mount and I’m finding the whole thing is a matter of perpetual practice leading to gradually nailing it more regularly after the first time.

Have you tried the static mount? This is (perversely, again) my third mount, and I’m finding it the easiest so far.

Have a look at the various vids on the websites mentioned elsewhere on the forum ( for instance) for pointers.

I’m looking forward to badgering the better riders at BUC, too! See you there - I’ll have my s7ev0 t-shirt on.

if roll back is hard, or coming more slowly than you think it should, concider that set up. i found it much easier.

Re: Free mounting (again)

cathwood <> wrote:

> Is it ‘normal’ to take a while to do regular freemounting?

I got my unicycle at the beginning of February and I made my first
successful freemount this last Friday. I ride exclusively in urban
areas, so until then I had mounted by backing the unicycle up to a
curb – so the wheel can’t move backwards – and hopping on.


I’ve had my unicycle for about three months now. I tried freemounting a few times and decided it was impossible (all the videos I’ve seen must have been faked). Well, I decided to give it another try tonight and was successful three or four times. I’m so excited! We’ll see if I can do it again tomorrow.

i never did the roll back mount. dont worry about it- itll come to you.

I started with the static mount it seemed to make more sense to me than all that rolling back nonsense. I later figured out the rollback after I learned to idle

Re: Free mounting (again)

On Wed, 13 Apr 2005 16:36:44 -0500, “cathwood” wrote:

>Is it ‘normal’ to take a while to do regular freemounting?

It’s not uncommon. I consider myself a slow learner, at least as far
as unicycling goes. It took me about 20 hours of practicing, spread
over about five weeks, to be able to ride 50 metres. From then on, it
took me about five MONTHS to be able to freemount reliably enough to
get my level 1. Of course not all of that time was spent practicing
the freemount but a lot of it was.

If you say kickback mount, do you mean (what many people call)
rollback mount? You might want to try the static mount. If you put
something behind the wheel (brick, curb) it is not yet a freemount but
maybe a stepping stone. Some more freemounting help is included in the
Word document “Learning to Unicycle” , downloadable from

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Thanks for all those replies.
Very encouraging. I will persevere.
I think at the moment that I’m so close to getting it that I don’t really want to start trying another approach yet. I’ll see how it goes for anothe couple of weeks.

Not sure how helpful this will be in the long run, but when I learned the roll back mount, I had the seat lower than I do now, and the foot that wasn’t starting on the pedal was placed in front of the other pedal (pedal resting up against my calf) with the wheel behind me.

I then stepped back onto the higher pedal to push back for the quarter turn roll back.

Later I found that I needed the seat higher for comfortable riding, and then I couldn’t do that mount anymore! (see what I mean about it not necessarily being that useful…?) However I did learn my next mount much more quickly, so perhaps it did help.

I find my progress very erratic, and sometimes going backwards!
You can get something consistently one day & the next day it’s nearly impossible. I suggest just give it a break & don’t bother if you’re having a bad day with that skill (or riding generally). You’ll feel that you’ve made zero progress for a while, then suddenly have a huge improvement, or do several new things all at once. my first Kidderminster Uni Meet I managed 3 new mounts, and the 2nd time, 2 more new mounts (and on a Coker too). in-between, progress seemed minimal.

Keep practicing, but if it’s not working at that time, try something different!
see you at BUC - by the end of it you’ll be doing kick-up & suicide mounts!

I did that too as I figured if I could freemount that when I fell off I could get back on quicker. At first I was using my right foot but it was hard then I swapped to my left and nailed it soon after.

Cathy, there will be plenty of people at BUC who’ll be happy to help and you may well be surprised how much you can learn in a weekend.

Here’s a little ordered checklist that you can use to breakdown the static mount (which i would argue is the easiest and best mount to first learn).

Step 1:

  • Put the saddle under you (between your legs, against your crotch… it all sounds perverted, but you know what i mean).
  • Have the wheel in front of you.
  • Both feet on the ground.
  • Cranks at the 3 and 9 position (horizontal), with the back pedal closest to your strong foot. (If you want, it’s also common to have the closest pedal a little lower than the other, so not quite horizontal.)
    If you are comfortable, move onto Step 2.

Step 2:

  • Put your strong foot on the pedal that is closest to you (the back one).
    Still comfortable? OK, move onto Step 3.

Step 3:

  • Without the wheel moving, slowly put most of your weight onto the saddle and rotate up onto the unicycle, while stepping onto the other pedal with your weak foot.
    If you can’t mount consistently, i bet that this is where your problems begin. I’d guess that when you went to step onto the weak pedal it moved up and back. This is because you didn’t put enough weight onto the saddle and left too much on your strong pedal. The trick is that you need to have just enough pressure on your strong foot so that when you rotate up onto the unicycle and reach for the weak pedal, that it doesn’t move. Practice this over and over until the weak pedal doesn’t move.
    If you can get onto the unicycle, and have both feet on the pedals in the ~horizontal position, then move on to Step 4.

Step 4:
You are now on the unicycle, but you need to ride away…

  • Continue to rotate on the unicycle so that the saddle gets just in front of the axle (so that you are leaning forward a bit).
  • Ride forward so that you don’t fall forward.
  • Continue riding until someone asks you where your other wheel is.
    If you can do this consistently, continue to Step 5.

Step 5:

  • Run back to your computer and thank hecklar for teaching you how to freemount.

Trust me, free mounting is extremely hard to do. It took me a long time to learn, but now i can do about 6 mounts, and can static mount perfectly, every time, without thinking. It’s not even a “skill” anymore. But, when i first learned, it felt amazing, so i understand your pain.

Let me know if you need any explanation on my steps, and keep us updated on your progress.

I’ve had many problems with freemounting the worst one being that I sometime forget what I have been able to do for months.

I think most of my problems stem from the fact that I am a very stressed bear. I freemount easily when slightly tipsy :wink:
I do not freemount easily when people stare at me or when I think about the fact that I suffered a severe injury while freemounting my Coker.

So now I am working on “fun attitude” when freemounting: see the relaxed clown trying to mount?? and hop it goes!

hope this helps

thanks for all that.
I was having a bad day when I posted about the freemounting. I had a great day today - freemounting all over the place.
I have really wanted to crack the roll back freemount cos I have this belief that it will help with idling which is a skill that I really want to learn so that I can juggle on my uni.
Looking forward to learning 3 new mounts and riding backwards and idling and hoping at the BUC (a bit much d’yu think???).
See you there.

I think if you have the perseverance to learn to unicycle, you must have the perseverance to learn to free-mount.

I’m still learning to free-mount :slight_smile: