Free mount...

I learned this way too, because there was no one around to tell me any different.
When I eventually met other unicyclists at BUC they were surprised to say the least that I mount this way.
They did try to teach me the proper way, with the pedals at a more vertical postition, but I’m afraid I have lapsed back to my old ways (sorry Norry).

That sounds like a rolling mount, Just walking onto the pedals and let your momentum carry you forward. Its a very smooth mount, and I do it the most, because ill walk a few step and just step on.

Besides that, I do a lot of static mounts too, so I mount right into my hopping position, which is good for trials, when you are starting on a rock or a skinny, or if I need to mount on a certain line/point so my pedals are in the right position for whatever I am about to do, like a gap or something.

Just don’t quit. Once I could actually ride, I thought freemounting would be no big deal. Ha. Trying to figure out how to do it felt a bit like starting over again, and felt mildly embarassing (I imagined all my neighbours thinking "geez - she STILL can’t ride that thing?)

The first time I successfully freemounted, it was on a day when I had maybe a hundred failed attempts. Then I managed 2 freemounts in a hundred attempts. Then 5. And so on. Once I could do it about 10% of the time, I forced myself to go for longer rides, and wouldn’t let myself walk it home - I HAD to freemount! There were times I wondered if I would make it home :).Now, I can freemount almost 100% of the time.

If only I could idle … sigh.

Wow! A little off topic here but somebody musta actually used the search function. Up until yesterday the last post on this thread was from over two months ago. Good job.

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