Free mount...

Ok, so I’ve picked up riding a year ago…I can ride a good distance…but I can’t seem to wean myself from mounting from chairs…I need suggestions…and I suppose it discourages me as well…


Stay away from the chairs. And curbs, and cars, etc. Go out into the middle of the biggest empty parking lot you can find, and practice there.

For a lot of people, mounting takes about as long to get solid as learning to ride did. Rollback mount is the most “educational” but a little scarier, while the static mount is more useful. Just don’t mount with one foot stuck at the bottom. :slight_smile:

Search on the above mount names for (hopefully) tons of detailed descriptions.

When I started freemounting, I’d start with the pedals near vertical (at 11 and 5, we’ll say), and I’d hold the wheel with my hand when I stepped up to the top pedal. That kept the wheel from rocking back, or anything, and also helped get my body weight going forward, so I could take right off.

As far as I know, only my brother and I have learned this way, but it was easier for me than learning the other mounts.

  1. To free mount what you want to do is have your petals completely vertical with your front foot on the bottom pedal.
  2. Before you try it make sure all your weight is on that bottom pedal so when you get on it doesnt rock back on you.
  3. Then put the seat underneath you and kind of pinch it with your legs.
    4.You can either hold on to the seat or not hold on, I cant remeber how I did it at first.
    5.Then lean back and as you lean forward put your foot up on the pedal.
  4. Then ride off.

Good Luck. It took me about 2 hours of non stop trying to actually start pedaling off.

what I did is this…

Watch the freemounting video on this page: (first one)
a few times…

Then go somewhere and do it…

Took me about 2 hours until I mounted around 50% of the time…


That’s a static mount. The only hard part about it is keeping the pedals where they are while you mount. But that’s where you want them. If you learn with the pedals vertical you’ll spend a lot of time teetering atop the unicycle with no leverage to pedal away.

I just learned yesterday !

After riding for 4 months. I am going to have to update to level 2 fat guy!
My tips.

  1. Buy a whole bunch of good unicycles. I got a KH 24, a 36, then a KH 20. This was fun, switching between them.
  2. The 20 was boring, to slow and I could hardly ride, no tricks for me. So I only used it indoors, learning to idle while watching movies. I am sure I would have learned faster if I paid attention. However, I had good movies, and a lot of fun. I also learned to hop in place and pedal backwards a couple turns (tiny living room).
  3. I wore out one 24" tire and put 500 + miles on the 36, all without ever trying to free mount. I just didn’t care. I taught a friend to ride and he learned to free mount the 3rd day. I tried to discourage him, but he learned in one afternoon anyway. :roll_eyes:
  4. I bought my first jock since high school and went to a field by the sea. I got it my second try, then it didn’t work for about 10 minutes as I got all observant about it. Basically, sometimes it doesn’t want to pedal forwards. Then I realized I could reverse then, and then go forwards.Now it works almost every time. I also learned to stop- hop and go, and stop- idle and go. All in 2 hours.
    So in sum, do what you want to do ! I learned to idle and ride fairly well first, my friend Alex felt he had to free mount as soon as he could go 2 blocks. So do it your way and don’t worry about it. The more riding you do without learning to free mount, the easier it will be.:slight_smile:

wow, really feel the light! That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard!

Dude, don’t be mean.

I wasn’t trying to, but I feel sorry for him. I apoligize. I thought he could freemount

Dude, grow up. There’s no need to belittle him for taking longer than you to do something. Don’t be an ass, or stay off the forums.

Feel the light, your tips all look good, except for the jock. I’ve thought about doing this, but to me it seems like it would make it worse…as far as smushing goes. I think just bike shorts are fine.

I wasn’t trying to, I just thought he could freemount. If it makes you feel better, I can’t idle.

So what? You were still making fun of him, there’s really no need to discuss it further. Just don’t do it anymore.

Don’t you have to know how to freemount to pass level 1?

Everyone learns freemounting a little bit differently, sounds like you just need to force yourself to do it. Although fairly simple, it will be very rewarding and expand your riding if you can mount anywhere and not need a chair.

Just DO IT!

If you have read this far, you have the basics of how to do it (I’m sure you already did before posting). Watch some videos of people doing it to get the visuals in your mind. Then get psyched, decide you are going to do it, go to a park or wherever you can go ride that has no ‘crutches’ for mounting (maybe use a curb behind your wheel for the first couple of tries). Just work on it for a couple of hours and you’ll be doing it soon enough. The hardest part is committing to do it in your mind. Once you get one, it takes no time before your doing it all the time.

I’m probably not the right person to reply, but just to give you an idea that it can be done. I learned to free-mount before I could actually ride 20m (purely because where I was practising in the road I had nothing to support me). The mount was not particularly graceful or even done properly, but it did give me the confidence to know that I can do it.

I use a similar way of freemounting as SockMonster does, basically a static mount where I grab the wheel to prevent it from moving, step up and start cycling. I still struggle sometimes getting it right, with the foot placement on the step up the biggest problem along with remembering to then put all my weight in the saddle. (I consider myself quite a novice at the moment, have only been unicycling for about a month or so)

Lastly relax, you have more time than you think you do. Don’t feel you need to rush the action to get it right, just a gentle movement. (something I picked up from juggling, and the frustration associated with trying to get higher numbers or some weird tricks)… you have more time…

Try not to think about it too much…just get your body in the right position, relax and do it…the worst that can happen is that you fall (that will happen lots during your unicyling life so get used to it now lol)

Also try having the crank at different angles and figure out what works for you…everyone is different.

I tried the static mount as in the videos and it just did not work for me. I am 5’ 8" and 235 lbs. So for the heavier ones this is how I finally nailed the free mount.

  1. Put the seat between your legs, and put your foot on the pedal if you are using your right foot at the 4 o’clock position.

  2. Lean your body over the unicycle seat making sure your back is straight, and kind of push forward and backwards a bit until you feel you have a sense of where the pedal is more steady i.e. it’s moving back less as you push the unicycle.

  3. As you move the unicycle back a bit then push the unicycle forward and jump making sure not to attempt to straighten your strong leg, in this case the right leg (note: leaning over the seat helped not pushing down so hard on the peda. Also jump with your left foot.). The jump should be over the seat and immediately try to catch the pedal with the other foot in this case your left foot. Mentally picture you are jumping forward against the pedal and jumping over the seat, not pushing the pedal down.

Hope this helps…

You know, before reading these forums i always thought the static mount was harder than a roll-back mount. I learned the roll-back first because it just made sense to me, i didn’t even imagine anything else.

  • have the pedal you are going to step onto pointing at a downward 45 degree angle towards you, put your weight on it to make the wheel roll back and under you, while this is happening lift your other foot to the other pedal.

or just do what makes the most sense to you

i learned to freemount on my second day. i just go to a big open place (my street works fine) and practice for 2 ours or so. I think it’s working cause that’s how i learned to freemount, 1 foot ride, and wheelwalk.