Free Mount

Does any one know how to practice the free mount i cant do it and i cant see how to practice besides just doing it :thinking:

That’s the way I learned,I just kept practicing with no idea of how it was supposed to be done. I now almost always do rolling mounts because I think it looks cool. Keep at it,good luck.

any one else

wow thanks alot nice page is it yours?

Re: Free Mount

Which mount? Static? Roll back?

I try to figure out how to break new skills down into small steps. That strategy works for me.

For the roll back, I first practiced putting my right foot on the pedal at 6 o’clock with full weight, seat in place, and just hopping on my left foot (placed behind the wheel to the left). That’s the first of three mini-skills I worked out in order to learn the roll-back mount.

ok thanks witch is the easyst

Practice mounting going down a steep hill, so your wheel wont roll back, and you can easily get the momentum to go. Either that or have the wheel rolling forward and try to plop one foot on while keeping the wheel rolling and plop the other foot on to get you riding. Both are the easiest forms of mounting, in my opinion.

The first way I learned to free mount was with the pedals at 12 and 6. Put a foot on the 6 pedal and step up to the 12 pedal. Then the trick is to twist your body as necessary to get the pedals spinning forward.

Alternatively, if you want to do the “standard” pedals at 10 and 4 mount, after learning to put my weight on the seat, the thing that helped me was focusing on leaning forward and “pushing” my body forward off of the back pedal at 4. The instructions typically say to step down on the back pedal, but I found stepping up to the seat a better description of what I needed to do. Stepping on the pedal is like stepping up onto a stair.

for me what was easiest was having a fence on one side. then when i mounted, i would use my arm/hand to pull myself forward onto the unicycle so i wouldn’t roll backwards. but i freemounted before i could ride. (so the fence helped because i kept going holding onto the fence)

my friends have learned either by endless falling over and just constantly going for it, some put blocks of wood or bricks behind the wheel so it won’t roll back, and sometimes they used the edge of a curb on a quiet street.

to me, it was all really a leap of faith.
just go for it!

ok this is my prob i can get up but then i cant get the whell moviang before i start to move .

Lean forward. The falling sensation will force you to pedal forward.

i learned the “step-up” or “static” free mount first because i thought it was easier than the roll back. My feet/legs naturally went to the positions needed from years of mountain biking. that’s why i thought it was easier. Way i learned: place pedals at 10 and 4. step back foot onto pedals, put seat under me, give a little jump forward/up and get foot onto front pedal as fast as possible and push down making uni go forward. Put as little weight as possible on the back pedal. That part took me the longest time to figure out.


LOL i got up then idled then fell

No, i think its Andrew Carters

I can’t do the static or the rollback mount. What I learned was something I kind of made up on my own, I put the saddle in position, put my left foot on the pedal and my right foot on the ground, I bend over and hold the wheel with my hand and push it forward and step up on the right pedal and go. It may not look the coolest, and it gets your hand all muddy, but it works.

Whenever I try a static mount I can’t help but put all my weight on the pedal, and shove the seat up into my crotch. So i gave up for the time being.

leeman: since you don’t put your weight on the seat, you could probably do the rollback mount. Just put one foot on the pedal, and as you step on the unicycle rolls back (whodathunkit), then you put your other foot on the pedal, and you start going forwards.

Would any one be nice enogh to make a step by step guide for the slow person.

on there’s two video tutorials of freemounting in the Basic Riding section.