Free Mount Success! and 5' Questions

Just wanted to say that I finally accomplished free-mounting my 5’ Savage uni… I didn’t realize it was fairly easy if you turn off thinking and just kind of feel the mount. Now I need to know a couple of things.

First, how good is a Savage unicycle, especially a giraffe? My first unicyle, a 20" Savage, had a pedal that kind of stripped its threading and took me by surprise during one of my rides… I’m thinking I probably shouldn’t attempt hopping on this giraffe?

Also, how do I go about replacing the pedals with larger ones (the standard plastic ones for people with very small feet are currently attached)? Any recommendations of a pair I can pick up at any cycle shop?


Oh, and are there better cranks or even just seat clamps I can replace this standard one with?

A E Bike has the best prices and the cheapest shipping
UDC has the best selection of little parts. The trick to changing pedals is that the right pedal screws in normal, and the left counter clockwise. You have to turn it like you are tightening it to remove it.
I really like dimension plastic pedals. Very strong, light, and only 10$.