free mount question...

I started unicycling 10 days from now and can do quite well according to
my personnal goals. This evening, I’ve been able to ride for about 150
feet two or three times in a sort of quite straight line…

My question is about free mounting. 1 time out of 5, I can mount the uni
and start riding for a couple of feet. I can’t go that far because my
position on the uni is not as good as it is when I mount with assistance.
I realized that, when free mounting, keeping the motion of the wheel (1/4
of turn back, then 1/4 of turn forth) helps me keep my balance before I
start to move. Is it the good way to do it ? A spining wheel sure will
provide more Inertia but I read in a post that one should come to rest
before launching… Are there other tips to free mount or ride ?

Thanks a lot,



I don’t know if you did this, but do a search in the forums under the word freemount. You will no doubt find a ton of stuff on this subject. I have been reading the posts here since I got my first uni back in May and freemount questions come up a lot.

I have found the freemount harder than riding in turns and in straight lines and am only now finally getting the hang of it.

Keep plugin away at it!