free mount idling

I have just started to unicycle, a bit. And I was thinking about free mounting. I have just learnt how to free mount into idling. I would like to know how many rider can free mount just riding.

I can static mount about 8 out of 10 attempts and ride straight away, and I’ve only been learning for a couple of months. I can rolling mount about 2 in 10.

But I can’t idle at all really, so you’ve got me beat there :slight_smile:

If you mount by rocking the wheel back under you your all set for idling (which I am not good at). I mount by equally distributing leg and hand pressure so the tire doesn’t move. Kinda like doing a controlled “jump” into position. After you have both feet on the pedals forward momentum takes over and you pedal away staring with the forward foot. I like my pedals closer to 4 and 10 o’clock over 12 and 6. Muni riding and freemounting a buzillion times in the heat made me very aware of my “technique.”

If you can freemount into an idle, you are a very short distance away from being able to do it with one foot only. Give it a try! When idling, the top foot basically isn’t doing anything so it’s not much of a stretch.

I keep seeing comments like this, yet when I’m idling (admittedly not very well just yet) it feels like my top foot is doing most of the work in rocking. Does this mean I’m idling wrong and I’d have more success if I tried to do the work with the bottom foot (for the record I’m not completely useless - can regularly get over 40 rocks - but not totally comfortable in the way I am with riding or hopping)?

To the OP - I think most if not all riders can freemount to riding once they’ve been riding long enough. I learnt to do that a week or two into riding and had it solid within a few months (can now mount to ride in 5 different ways, though not all consistently). Have only just learnt to idle after 9 months. If you can freemount to idle you should be able to do a single rock back and ride off.

You can keep idling the way you do, but learning to balance with the bottom is essential skill for other tricks (one-footed idling/riding…).

Have fun,

I don’t rock the wheel back. I move forward, using the momentum of my body against the pressure of one of my feet, letting my body rotate up to its spot of balance. And then I start pedaling.

Some day I’ll spend time on idling, though, and I’m sure I’ll get the quarter-turn-rollback mount as a bonus. :slight_smile:

I learnt to roll-back mount before I could idle. Though to be fair it was pretty sketchy - then miraculously when I learned to idle it suddenly became a lot more solid :wink:

Idling one foot

I tried to idle the other day with one foot, and found it hard Has any one got any tips for idling with one foot.