Free mount giraffe

After finding the group last week, I was enspired to try and do more than just
ride my giraffe again. Until recently, I had just used it to cruise the
neighborhood occasionally working on the one foot thing. Back to my orginal
reason for posting. This weekend I spent some time working of free mounting my
giraffe, after owning it for 12+ years I thought it was time. (With all the
people that have car alarms in San Diego, my old method of jumping off someones
car bumper is not a good option any more.) :slight_smile: I managed to pick it up quickly
and thought I’d pass on my suggestions for additions to the help file.

  1. First thing you need to do is lower the seat. If your seat is high, its hard
    to get your second leg over and you end up riding seat out front.
  2. I started out with the wheel against the curb so it could only roll forward
    until I felt comfortable with that start.

>From there I followed the suggestions from the FAQ. Although, I prefered
the unicycle straight up and the lower pedal slightly back from its
lowest position.

After working things out against the curb, it was time to move into the
street. I’m happy to say that after about 10-15 min I could get up 1/3 to 1/2
of the time. Speed is definately a key factor. Too slow and you’re down before
you’re up.

I found that holding my seat with the weak hand works best, but that may be that
I just flail better with my right.


You know you’ve been riding too much when walking bounces too much.