Free mount a Big One?

That seems the most common. I can’t imagine freemounting any other way, except for display or skill purposes.

Take a step or two forward, and hop up, stopping the wheel while you do, until your body gets on top of, and slightly in front of the axle, where you start pedaling.

If you’re having trouble with this, you may need to practice on a smaller uni first. After a while it will get pretty easy.

I still find the Coker a little bit more work to mount than my hard-tire 45" big wheel. I think this is due to the grippy tire, which inhibits you from making any quick twisting motions to help smooth out the first foot or two of riding. On the Coker it helps to just be centered, so you don’t have to make any turns as you start to ride away.

Stick with it!

If would love to be able to do a rolling mount on a Coker, I plan on learning it next summer. I t was on a video from unicycle dot com which I got with the jugglebug package for my nephew last Christmas. It looks reliable and pain free; but for now the only way to get me to freemount is to take away all nearby trees and mailboxes.

You are the BEST. A question about a specific skill on a specific brand of unicycle and you folks have come up with 20 useful responses and VIDEO in two days.
I thought I was alone.

Thank you, all

elares (Ron)

Yay Us!

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Re: Free mount a Big One?

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Sofa, are you suggesting that you have the authority to allow a choice
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nope, I see that after you quoted me, that I am just an idiot, and misread that one :frowning:

now that sofa’s up to speed…


ps. sofa’s ‘dont-ride-it-till-u-freemount-it’ aproach really comes into it’s own when u want to learn to freemount the raffie

I learned the giraffe by freemounting it. :slight_smile:

I’m tellin ya, it’s simply the best way

The only way I could ride Greg’s uni.5, in both 24" and 700c incarnations, was to freemount it. I tried the rail thing and just couldn’t get it.

beware of “slightly in front”

for me the problem was with “slightly in front”
I was too much in front, falled forward (no big deal, I’ve missed that way dozen of times)
but my rear foot sent the coker violently back
the saddle hit my Achille’s tendon … and smashed it!

next time (in 3 months now :angry: ) I will wear protective gear
for the back of my leg!


My Rule #1 is not to argue with John Foss about mounting techniques, but this is one I hope you can someday show me live. I can mount my Coker with 75-80% effectiveness. I tried to mount Rob Brown’s 45" hardtire about 20 times this year in the gym at the Portland Juggling Festival, and I couldn’t even get close. I saw some people try and fail while still making it over the top, but I couldn’t even get to that point.

It’s a very different ride from a Coker, especially on a gym floor. A gym floor is like riding on ice, and side-to-side friction is very minimal. Turn very carefully!

But I haven’t seen Rob’s unicycle or what was happening when you guys were mounting it, so I can’t really comment further. Too bad we didn’t try this at MUni Weekend…

The main thing a Coker does different from a hard-tire big wheel when you mount it is go straight. It’s a lot more resistive to twisting to the sides. This is probably what was messing you guys up, as you were probably more used to riding Cokers.

It may also have been that the seat was just too high for your leg length, perhaps because of the larger wheel. I simply can’t mount a Coker when the seat is too high.