Free mount a Big One?

Still a newby, I’ve only managed to free mount my 20" a dozen times or more. Now I’ve acquired a Coker and can’t conceive a free mount there. Any advise to speed the epiphany?
Thanks very much in advance. Great to have found this group!
So sorry if this has been asked and answered many times. Point me to an URL if available and I’ll check it out.


I don’t own a Coker myself, but I’ve heard they’re for intermediate riders only. Quite hard to ride I think and very dangerous if you don’t (even if you do, I guess too) know how to use it properly!

Re: Free mount a Big One?

I recommend watching these videos .

Can you ride the coker with an assisted mount? (For example, mounting while grabbing a car or lightpost) If not, I would start there before the free-mount.

Goodluck and keep with it.


and this thread might help.


Thanks for the tips so far. I’ll check out the links.
Yes, I can ride it w/ assisted mount. Quite a rush. My goal is to ride it to work (15miles) in the spring.

What I do with the Coker, and I’ve gotten to be quite good at freemounting it, is I rotate the wheel until the back crank is just below horizontal and the front crank is just above horizontal. Then I put the seat in, step on the back crank, here’s the important part grab the wheel to stop it from moving, bring my left foot to the front crank, and start riding. I can freemount without doing this but it isn’t nearly as easy. Actually, on any uni with a short enough seat post, you can start with the cranks horizontal, grab the wheel, bring your other foot up, and ride away without a quarter-revolution backwards. It’s the easy way out, but it works.

Oh look, as I type this, the video onefiftyfour referenced downloaded, and the 9-year old in it did exactly that (only as a running mount). I haven’t tried it running yet. Well, I hope it proves my point that grabbing the wheel to immobilize it can help …

the coker

i am the owner of the coker that the afforementioned onewheelwizzard practices on, and i can tell you that holding the tire is kind of easy, but it is easier to get used to just putting one foot on, and then hopping up on it and putting the other foot on. if you do it right the wheel shouldnt move, plus you can use the now free hand to stabilize yourself. cokering is fun, and its funny to hear little kids say, “im going to put one of those on my bike”. thats when i laugh at them.

There are quite a few ways I can get onto my coker (Im 6.1 by the way, it probably helps to be taller rather than shorter in this case.)

anyways, at first Id do a roll back mount, but I’d grab onto the tire to help roll it back, it worked out pretty well.

Or a roll back mount, with no tire grabbing.

or a rolling mount, where you put the pedals horizontal (i think thats where I have them anyways) step onto the forward pedal, push down, hop on, and ride.

or a jump mount, pedals horrizontal, hold onto the seat, jump on, go.

Suicide mount, same as a jump, just dont hold on.

Im trying kick up mounts, but im pretty afraid of breaking the coker, so I dont try very hard.

Oh, I guess I can do a side mount too.

In all seriousness, If you have the height for it, Id start jump mounting it.

I’d say practice freemounting on a normal-sized unicycle first. If you practice freemounts there, you should be able to get consistently good within a few hours.

I only had access to a Coker for one weekend (but I did ride something like 13 miles that weekend), but here’s how I was able to freemount it:

  • Address the cycle, placing the dominant foot (right, in my case) on the appropriate pedal, and the saddle between your legs.

  • The pedal should be about 40 degrees below horizontal. If you’re having troubles mounting, tweak this to suit you.

  • Make sure the cycle is vertical (straight up and down). This may be hard if you’re short (I’m 5’11", with a 32" inseam).

  • With your left leg, push forward and up. Pushing forward will cause the rear pedal to rise, allowing you to put weight on it.

  • Use the momentum you got from pushing forward to step up with your right foot and quickly place your left on the other pedal.

  • Start pedaling. You’re going to have to fight the wheel, so unweight the right pedal and shift your weight to the left.

  • Once you’re moving, get settled and continue riding. This is the easy part. :slight_smile:


I was fortunate to witness how quickly JonM picked up the freemount on the above mentioned weekend. I’ve probably got 350 or so miles on mine, and I still struggle with a standing or roll-back freemount.

What works best for me is a two-step rolling mount. I start with my dominant right side crank horizontal and pointing at (closer to) me. I put my left foot forward, grab the front of the seat, then take two steps…right foot, left foot…to gain a little speed. My left foot hitting corresponds with the right crank being just past bottom and on it’s way up to horizonal again. I push off harder with my left foot, bring my right up onto the rising right pedal, and use my momentum to carry me immediately into pedaling.

Ain’t elegant, but I can hit it with 80%+ success now.

Here are 2 Mounts. a suicide and something hopping up related - 3.5MB quicktime

Give yourself a little time to master mounting this beast, and once you do, you are unstoppable (remember…sometimes that is NOT good!)

Don’t bother learning to freemount the Coker for a while, it is hard enough just to ride the thing. Get to the point wwhere you are saying “gee, I didn’t know I could do that” , then start on the freemounts.

I used a long stick at first. I can freemount about half the time on a really good day, first try don’t count. Roll On! carjug

I completely disagree

Keep trying until you can get it. Try rolling it a little, then springing up and landing your good foot on the pedal that is coming up and around and is horizontal to the ground.

This little bit of momentum really helps out.

I freemount every new uni I get until I have it mastered. It’s much quicker in the long run. By the time you can mount it nicely, you have tons of control with it already.

I must agree with everyone, sort of.
Sofa has a good point because he’s sofa, haha no I mean when I first learnt to ride, I didn’t learn to mount unassisted and this became a huge hinderance for me forever. I believe had I first leant to mount the unicycle, then I would have gone straight to learning to ride, as apposed to me having learnt to ride first and not worrying about the mounting part for a long time.

Yeah, It’s a toss-up, and the answer depends on elair’s ability. If he is like me he is better off waiting, if he is like Sofa he, (or she?), is better off giving it a go. I couldn’t freemount until after I had idling down cold, but I know a child who could do anything imaginable after only a month of riding. This isn’t something to lose any sleep over. carjug

Whichever you are most comfortable with

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Vids of a couple of coker mounts are here

I find the rollback easiest as you’re more in control, but the standard mount requires much less leg strength.

The trick is to put one foot on the pedal, then jump up onto the unicycle, you have to jump more than you thing you need to.


Does no body else use a rolling mount? Walk with the Coker in front of you, and as the good pedal is coming up, hop on?

I can’t believe how much control you get right out of the gate. If anyone is not using this method, you should certainly try it our once or twice.

This way, as your second foot is landing on the pedal, it’s already starting to push it around.