Free KH cranks


I’m giving my 8-spline, 170mm KH signature cranks away free to anyone in the USA who wants them (not the unicycling society of america, the United States of America) :wink: I’ll pay the shipping, but it’s going to be a s-l-o-w b-o-a-t on my dollar. Send me a PM if your interrested.


I’d love to have them!

What’s a PM?

I’ll pay the shipping.

I think it’s personal message.

for cryin out loud,a registered member asking that question…?

dont give them away Jason,get some trade for them at could get a uni T-shirt at least.

Private Message - Click the PM button at the bottom of Jason’s post to send him one.

If it’s not too late

I’ll make you a shirt myself, with the help of my step bro, and send it to ya, heheh. No? okay… fine… I’ll just go sulk on my uni now… :frowning:

OK, so I’ve been smoked-out. I don’t have enough time to learn the components of this forum. I hardly spend time enough to make a post.
Gotta go…play,

The cranks have been accepted. Since some of you have asked, the reason for getting rid of them is that I found their design problematic to my riding. I replaced them with DM Engineering cranks which are really a nice for me. You can read about it here:


Since nobody else has mentioned it, I’m amazed at how generous Jason’s being. He’s even offered to pay the shipping. Well done Jason! :slight_smile: