Free DVD for your unicycle photos!

For every reader photo used as a full page or larger we’re giving away free copies of the DVD Union - the innovative and excellent unicycling movie by Wogri; courtesy of

For your chance to win submit your photos to us on - If the photo is used in the magazine as a full page or larger (maybe even the cover!) then a copy of the DVD is yours… (of course the photo needs to be yours, or you have permission from the photographer). If it has already been published elsewhere (including online) then it is less likely to be used.

This offer will change from time to time and is ongoing, so does not just apply to the next issue!


P.S. Issue 9 was sent out on the 21st of May so should be hitting doormats worldwide now.
Inside is loads of interesting stuff as usual including plenty of good advice from Kris Holm and the concluding part of Steve Colligan’s amazing ride from Lhasa to Khatmandu.

Also we will need the name of the photographer, subject and the location. a description of what’s happening sometimes helps too!

Thanks for your great photos guys, keep them coming!