Free BA 29" 2.35 Schwable Tire

This tire didn’t work out for me. It’s terrible on road crown. I’d rather not deal with shipping if someone local can use it. It has some miles on it, but it’s in fine shape sitting in my garage.

I haven’t tried a Big Apple yet… However, I am not that local :frowning:

I will come in brooklyn, ny this summer (mid-august), but it is a bit of a long shot.

If the tire isn’t too stiff, you can use the “folded 8” technique to pack it in a smaller size:

  • take the tire with both hand (one at 9am the other one at 3am)
  • twist it to make an infinity sign (the mathematical one looking like an 8 on the side)
  • then join the hands together and use a cable strap or some tape to keep it this way

For a short while it shouldn’t damage the sidewalls and it is far more cheaper to ship.

Does it have to be AM? :stuck_out_tongue:

It means you grab it with your right hand first. Otherwise it would be 9 am, 3 pm. :slight_smile:

just wondering, terrible on road crown means its not good for road/sideways sloped paths?(follows the slope of the road to much?)

I am looking at getting a trainer 29" and adding a schwalbe Big apple 29x2.0
I ride over lots of driveway aprons right now on my club 24"

Yes, I was constantly working to keep the Uni from following the slope. I replaced it with a 2.0 Marathon Supreme that I am really happy with. I can’t comment on the BA 2.0, I never used one.