Free Ankle Bitters

Hi all,

I was cleaning out my uni bag when I came across a medium size pair of AXO Ankle Bitters that I used only once or twice. These have been cut down to fit into my shoe (size 10). Send me an e-mail and I’ll put them in the mail to you. First come first served.

Just cleaning house,


Welcome back. Hope you had a great time and don’t ever let the honeymoon end.


Hey there Bruce,

The pre-wedding uni-parade was unreal! Super-duper cool! I’m waiting for Christopher to get back to Jackson from his vacation (hang gliding in N.C.) to give everybody a not-so-biased report. I had a 75 piece, high school marching band complete with flag girls and a struting drum major , a fire truck (that just happened to also be the the party’s beer dispenser) and a beautiful swarm of unicyclists.

The wedding was beautiful and to have so many unifriends there made it all the more special. The rabbi even used the unicycle and the unicycle club as a metaphor in the service.

The honeymoon was uni-less. Didn’t miss it a bit. However, the sea kayaking and cycling in the San Juan Islands was perfect under cobalt blue skies and 70 degree temps.

I’m even excited to be home and back at work because I know who is waiting for me when I get home! Yes, the honeymoon continues.

Oh yeah, the ankle bitters have been spoken for.

rats, i would have said something this morning, but at school it wouldnt let me log in…

I don’t know if is is just me but I haven’t seen anybody who wants them!!! who did? I thought you said first come?!?
-Jonathan Ware-

Hi Jonathan,

Yes, I did say first come frist served and I said to e-mail me. Somebody did that who lives in Iowa - about 20 min after the post.


ok… I will just have to spend money, such a sad thing to do, nice avatar unicyco!

hearsay wedding report!

Christopher called the first ? day of hangliding and even before he told us about his seven flights he went on & on about the great big love-fest that was Tommy’s wedding.

the neighbors coming out to gawk at the band, herds of unicyclists & aforementioned beer dispensing firetruck, the beautiful anti-bellum mansion that the ceremony was held at how organized & relaxed everthing was handled by a super cool groom who did not look to be one bit nervous…

Here there Pepper! Thanks for the report form Chris.

Everybody has to know that there were actually two events. There was a party that was fun and silly on Saturday night - mostly for the out-of-town guests (and any unicyclists that could find there way to our web site and our neighborhood) but the wedding ceremony itselfs was a more serious (spritual) affair.

As is the case most of the time for things like this, as a host I was sorry that I could not spend more time with all of my close friends that had gathered to celbrate with Rody and me. When I did manage to rendezvous with Chris he looked as if he was having a good time.