[FREE] 26 and 29 rims (Massachusetts)

Hi everybody,

Started some basement cleaning and found parts I will never use and that deserve a chance elsewhere:

  • 1x AlexRim 26in rim double wall 32 holes (about 20mm internal width). Was mounted for a while on a city bike and saw only bikepaths.
  • 1x Mavic 29in rim double wall 36 holes (about 20mm internal width). Was never used as b*ke shops are always selling pairs even if you need one.
These are not earth shattering but sill a good upgrade for a learner or a good base for a road wheel or bacon slicer ;-)

I would rather not ship them as I do not know how I would pack them.

pm sent.

Hi icdb,

I have seen your visitors message but it was about the other thread. You can send me an email on gmail with my current name (with a dot in between).

hi sid,
email sent. hope you received.