Fred Deeley Cycles LTD

There is a guy in my area selling a fred deeley giraffe unicycle looks like it is mint condition.

from my understanding this unicycle is from the 70’s is it worth the $160 CAD he is asking for?

Never heard of it. It’s could be a custom, handmade made by someone named Fred Deeley. $160 CAD sounds pretty reasonable for any giraffe, long as it can safely hold an adult. Do you have any pictures? It’s hard to speculate further without any info…

here is a link to the ad with pictures

That’s exactly the same thing as my old Norco giraffe. The frame looks exactly the same except for the stickers on it. It could be a rebranded one.

Nice! Definitely a decent deal for the price. Nice label, too!

I got it! and within ten minutes I was free mounting easily and riding around! its so much fun!!