Freaky unicycling guy with a chicken mask--PRISONER?

Okay, this is freaky… awhile ago, there was a lot of news going around about this really weird guy that rides a giraffe uni (probably about 8 feet or so) with a chicken mask and juggles around town. For some reason, there was this kid at one of our high schools that he–well, didn’t seem to like very much. He would simply uni into the school and beat the kid! The police were called and he got on of those “you can’t come within 50 feet of the person”. So of course, he did it again, and got arrested! Then he escaped from jail! A lot of people, including me, thought he must have been retarded or something, because he was… he was always there, just doing what he pleased. So he kept on going after the kid until the police caught him and put him in a more secure room. Now, I think he’s staying there for about 2-3 years or so. Weird, huh? Anything like this happen around you?


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There was Pink Man who used to ride around and near the University of Oregon campus. <> But as far as I know he was harmless, just a little weird. No restraining orders against him, no prison time. Perhaps Pink Man wasn’t so interesting after all.

Bloody Hell! -I thought this was going to be about Patrick McGoohan unicycling. Oh well… back to the Village…


We’ve got THONGMAN!!!

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Dang, this room is tiny. I’m going stir crazy in here. I hope I can bust out again.

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ive seen this goof ball,i was in the Peoples Republic of Eugene for the human powered parade 5 years ago and this guy was cirling around everyone screaming Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee WHeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee WHeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee like a freak.

his pink suit is getting a little old in a few places :astonished:

when i was up at berkeley during school my roommate used to tell me about some crazy hobo that unicycled near a freeway offramp. we all had a good laugh.

then i was down near the busy streets just chillin’. and indeed, i saw a man unicycling amid the crowds on a 20". he wasn’t too bad, actually, able to pull of spins and other, i assume, freestyle moves. (riding seat out back ) i was a block away so i couldn’t see much. but he had a bald head and wore camo. hm…

but the crazy people at berkeley are harmless. :slight_smile:

I might need to find this Chicken Guy. A whole bunch of us are going to join the Chicken Days Parade in Wayne, Nebraska on July12. We’ll have at least 10 unicyclists. We’d love to have more come join us.

Costumes are optional. The website is:

David Maxfield
Mitchell, SD

I think the Chicken Dance on uni’s would be a riot. We may have to practice that one for the Leavenworth Parade .