Freaky unicycle dream

Last night I went on a ride around some of my favorite trials and street obstacles. I pushed many of my old boundaries, and made some real progress while getting a great workout.

One problem–My trials uni has been sitting in the shed for about a week now with a flat tire. It took me half the day to realize this, and I can only conclude that the uni ride was of no more substance than a dream. I recall wondering sometime during the ride, looking down at the perfectly compressing tire, “Didn’t that have a flat yesterday that I never fixed?” and rationalizing it away.

This disturbs me a little, to say the least:o

Dude… That’s so awesome.

I’ve been having pretty strange dreams lately too.

It can be hard sometimes to distinguish what happened in your dreams and what happened in real life.

rofl I think that happened to me once.

Thank you, Martin Luther King.

Inspirational. Another 40 years and America will have a unicyclist for President.

Quick, patch your tube and go for a ride before how everything felt leaves your brain.

I had a dream years ago that I was able to jump up stairs 3 at a time (at the time I was just learning to hop, betting up a curb about 1/3 of the time) In the morning I took my unicycle and was able to do curbs consistently and sometimes made it up some stairs.

I think I posted about it before.

Anyway when you can do something in your dream that you have been working on for a while often your brain has subconsciously figured out how to do it better than the way that your were practicing.

Last night I had a dream that I lost my kh freeride saddle so I made one out of clay at work. But then my boss caught me wasting time and I got fired.

Wow… those are cool dreams…

I heard recently that if you keep a log of every dream you have, they become a little more controllable and you can eventually dictate every move. I never considered it could help with unicycling. Hmmmm…

I once read something similiar about how if you think about dreams alot, you’ll remeber more dreams. Most people only remeber one dream a night if that, but in reality we have 6-7 dreams a night during REM sleep. I tried this once, and remebered 4 dreams in one night.

However, saskatchewanian, I don’t think these dreams are I sign of us learning how to do a trick, because dreams have no meaning and are mere electrical impulses.

Woah… I only remember about 1 of my dreams in a week…

Sometimes when I am half awake I twitch my right foot (front foot on uni) like I am doing a crankflip.

I had a dream where I was unicycling in the rain, then my feet got caught up in the unicycle somehow and I landed face first into a puddle, then I woke up gasping for air because I was laying face first on a blanket.

I’ve had a lot of unicycles the past couple of weeks just because I can’t ride right now. I hurt my knee 2.5 weeks ago and I can’t even walk let alone unicycle… So it keeps turning up in my dreams and I know my knee is hurt and I shouldn’t ride but of course I do it anyway because I miss it. All the dreams end the same with me hurting my knee worse.

I do that all the time, like right when I come home from school I’ll fall asleep on my bed. It scares the crap out of me, because I’ll twitch really hard.

The last unicycle dream I had was of falling off a cliff at Moab… The big one at the tope of Amasa Back. I did actually ride within a foot of it when actually there with no problems and no fear… though I couldn’t believe I did after. My dream was freakishly real though, I’ll probably be a little more afraid of cliffs next time.

This reminds me of a very annoying unicycle-related dream I used to have during the time when i was really lightly sleeping and just getting to sleep.

I would always be riding my unicycle in the gym(this was back in my freestyle days, this dream still happens every now and then but rarely.) and I would always be doing all these freestyle tricks, and every time I fell I would wake up suddenly and shake violently. Then I would usually go back to sleep and the same thing would happen at least twice, but usually around 4 times more. It’s so annoying waking up like that.

But yeah, this used to happen at least once a week but now it’s rarer.

once in a while I will have a dream that i sold something on ebay(I work on ebay), when i come home from school i will get out the package and get ready to print the shipping label and find out nothing was sold. Weird how our minds trick us sometimes.

Ha ha I really hate those ones. The cool thing about them is that weird deceleration feeling you get when you think you’re gonna smack into hard concrete but end up in a soft bed.

This has happened to me when I sleep in my chemistry lecture. It is really awkward if I am not sitting by my friends.

Electrical impulses? Yes.

Meaningless? No.

Quite often I know what will happen next because it happened in a dream. Sounds crazy, but I don’t really care :roll_eyes:

It happened again-

except this time I woke up to a broken seatpost.

Is it possible that I’ve been unicycling in my sleep? “sleepuniing?”

If so, next time someone is talking about all the seatposts they break I can say
HA! I literally break them in my sleep!!

Disregard the previous post. The reference is to entirely stupid little things, like one time when I remembered a speck of situation, said, “deja vu,” really quickly, fairly certain my friend would respond, “Deja mooooo…” Which he did :roll_eyes:

Oh, and who wrote “сосиска” in the tags?
This thread has nothing to do with sausages…

Perhaps someone was dreaming about sausages while on their unicycle…

And where’s that Deja Moo thing from? I heard it in a drama called Lagooned. But I’m sure there could be other sources.