Freakin tubes keep popping

Howdy ags…er, unicyclists,
I ride a 20" Qu-ax splined trials with a 20x2.5" Maxis Creepy Crawler tire. I cannot seem to find a tube that’s big enough for it. My LBS has a 1.75"-2.125" tube at the biggest, and I’ve had two of those pop in the past week from (presumably) being constantly inflated past their limit. Even UDC does not have a 20" tube bigger than 2.125". Where the heck can I buy a decent 20" trials tube?
Thanks and gig 'em!

Do you mean 19" rim? with 19x 2.5 tyre?
I have a the quax with the yellow hub and have recently popped a tyre too.
What you need is a L(m)BS!
My local motorbike accessory shop sold and fitted moto tube, which i think was 19"x 3 inches?. The spare tube they sold me seemed to be tougher than my old uni tube and so far i havnt had any problems.

Yeah I have the good ol’ yellow-hub qu-ax, 19" rim. Hm, I guess I’ll try that…the 3 inches really wasn’t too wide?

Well the guy fitted it on a school day so i wasnt there. After closer inspection of the spare- a Fortune Motorcycle Tube, it doesnt actually say what size it is.
on the tube thie is written
blah blah

So i guess it might be a 2.5?
Anyway, it works well and feels pretty much the same to you should check what your L(m)BS has.

Mine’s a 20 x 2.125 or so, and I haven’t had any popping problems (3 years on the same tube). Have you checked the tire for thorns and the rim for burrs?

Wait, he had to fit it for you? It is not possible to put on a tube like that the normal way?


You buy actual trial tubes. 19x2.5, you just need to order it from an online shop.

Are you patching your tubes or buying new ones?

Buying new ones. I ran out of stuff in my patch kit.

I searched online for trials tubes, and I seriously cannot find any vendors…in fact I’m getting threads as the first results, lol.

I’m serious dude, if you wrap your old tubes around your new one, it will act as a larger tube and it will prevent pinched flats too.
For real, I didn’t have a single flat for a year. During that year I did lots of largish sets and drops, one of which was around 15’. Not a single flat.

Does it mess up the compression at all? For hops, I mean?

Nope, I dont think youll even feel it. I never have. Its also really easy. Cutting around the valve is actually the hardest part lol. there is a seem that runs right around the tire. Get a pair of scissors on it, and just pull the tire through.

Do I seal it back up, or just kinda leave it open like a sleeve?

Leave it open. Pump up your tire a little bit, and put on the rim, then wrap the cut tire onto it, and then slide it all into the tire. And its normal procedure from there.

Tore? Sounds like a snakebite, cause some of those can be pretty long cuts. Might want to pump up your tire a few psi more than normal.

I do that anyway.

I’ll try what you’re suggesting, though I found some 2.25" tubes online and bought some, but I dunno when they’ll be here.

NO!! don’t buy a 19" tube it will be huge! 15" is the best size, and if they dont’ have that get a 16, i’ve had trouble w/ the 14" … 2.75-3.5 girth diameter

get this right.

19" =rim w/ 2 inch tire mounted
rim = 15" diameter, how everything but bicycles is measured

i popped my tube a ton of times in one day (like 6 or 8) and got a motorcycle tube, that hasn’t popped but once because it was too low, between the tire and rim, and i jumped off an 8 set…
you get the idea… they don’t pop if you care at all about them.

A couple of times, I’ve had a blowout on my Torker LX. I think what happened was that the tire managed to slip off the rim on one side, the tube blew out, and the tire went back on the rim. So I had a loud Bang, a flat tire still on the rim with no visible damage, and a tube with a big hole on the part where the tire joins the wheel.

Make sure that isn’t what is happening to you. That’s not a tube blowing out from being undersized, it’s a tire/rim issue.

thats the only way i’ve popped a motorcycle tube, but this is a bigger problem with trials tires because they are supposed to flex, and periodically, if you put a lot of pressure on the tire in a sideways direction, it gives enough to pull the bead off the rim and catch the tube… then the next time that part of the wheel goes to the ground, it rips the tube and makes it explode.

The thing is with all this, I also use my qu-ax for learning street/flatland stuff, so I don’t want a tube that would limit anything there.

I wasnt talking about moto tubes. If your buying a bicycle trial tube, it will be a 19x2.5. They have them even thicker going into the 4 inch range if you order from canada or uk. So I wasnt wrong with what I said in my alst post. =p

Your right about mototubes though. Those actually go by the diameter of the rim.