"Frankentires" 24inch?

There are a few members on the forums that have made tires for odd wheel sizes. Why cant this not be done for a 24inch?

Right now good quality 24inch tires are pretty much impossible to find because they are being discontinued. So why not just take a 26inch tire of what you want and make it into a 24inch?

Question is will it be strong enough to hold up to big riding??? And is it even worth the time to do it??


no reson at all and it would be cheaper easier as you don’t need another tyre, just chop a bit out th eside walls peel back the tread (taking it off one side and having a flap on the other) and glue and stitch them together.

My only question would be what tyre would you use, to me the whole point of the 24 is that you ride amonster 3" tyre to hammer over everything in a Trials/MUni hybrid Uni kind of way, anything else you will be running a 26 or 29" Uni with as many tyres as you could want.

Other than learning and as a larger Trials / street weapon (or kinds MUni) I think most people would agree that a 24" MUni is too small and a bit of an anacronism in todays Uni world? The 24" size was fostered upon the comunity in the early years due to the link with Trials Bike gear, then as they moved to Mod bikes 19/20" and 26" sizes and with a 26" MUni being finally released the 24" has become unloved and unsuported kit wise.

SO back to my question what tyre and what do you want to achive? The only thing I can think of is to save weight which as I am oftern told in my weight saving threads is almost pointless next to Uni skill / rider fitness and probably even more so on a 24" where it is too slow anyway so just jumping Uni size will give you a real speed increase and a lighter Uni (in most cases).

Wow that was a bit of a ramble wasn’t it :stuck_out_tongue:

Although Schwalbe seem to have more 24" tyres than I ever remember, are these new for 2012?

Rocket Ron 24x2.1 (I ran the 26" version and they are megag light race tyres and puncture and cut up realy easily

Big Betty 24x2.4 DH tyre with a good 780g weight looks like a very interesting tyre

Fat Albert 24 x 2.40 Freeride type tyre 695g

And not forgetting

Maxis High Roller 24x2.7

Duro Wildfire 24x3.0

I definatly wouldn’t say that, there are still plenty of people who love the 24’’ muni size :wink: I ride a 26 btw and much prefer it.

The 24" is far from redundant. Admittedly I’m now riding a 26" :slight_smile: but that’s because I ride primarily roads/footpaths and any off roading I do is very mild.

However, for hard, technical muni a 24" is very useful- for certain specific types of muni, it is a better machine than the 26" (and vice versa of course).

In particular, for terrain where a 3" tyre is desirable, a 24" is useful if only cos a 24x3" tyre is not particularly heavy, whereas a 26X3" is a monster whose weight will really sap you on climbs etc.

Fighting talk.

Looking for assorted offer on CRC (36 models) from 24x1.75 to 24x3.0 seems not to be a problem to choose one… :roll_eyes:
Or it’s just matter to make a patched monster? :stuck_out_tongue:

lol :stuck_out_tongue: all the defenders here seem to have moved to bigger sizes :wink:

Oooooops :o

Steel bead won’t stay together, so only folding is worth doing, so then the tire choices for folding DH 26" tires are not all that much better than what you already have in a 24"

with the exception of the new fat (3.7-4.8") tires.

When I get back home I still plan on cutting up a folding 26x4 Devist8or to shrink to 24" and put on a LM wheel. The thing will be a beast, I probably won’t like it (since I mostly ride bigger wheels) and might have a hard time selling it since it won’t fit many frames.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the 4" fat tires.

Dang, cutting apart one of those 26" Devist8er and making it a 24" would be awesome and with only one joint it would be easy!

Is there a frame that will handle a 24 x 4" tire? An Oregon or a Conundrum would work, no way with KH or Nimbus.

I think it would be sweet to take a folding 26x2.7 tire and make it into a 24inch tire. Right now you cant find any 24x2.7 folding beads and also you could make a really light weight 24inch tire with large range of tread patterns to pick from.

are the old surly frame wide enough to fit a 4inch tire?? I would most likely say just make your own frame and then have a kickass ride!

you know a 24inch won downhill at unicon this year right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oi, I’m small and a bit of an anachronism in today’s Uni world, and I like my 24". :stuck_out_tongue:

I find 26" too big for the really tricky stuff, and if I want a bigger size, 29" suits me.

Jakub Rulf would even win when you give him a 12" unicycle… that doesnt matter…

Switch to 26" for Muni :wink:


ONE DAY!!! :wink:

Yes, but true. :wink:

I am down sizing my 26 in down hill uni to a 24 because it fights alot on the corners

I love my 24" Quax and it is ideal for the rough downhill trails on the Pennines, to which I have recently discovered I am addicted :smiley:

Nothing could possibly beat the feeling of bouncing and hopping over those rocks and ruts on that fat tyre.


Stop having differing opinions and options!!!

I want to buy a unicycle and was going to go with a 29, then decided maybe 26, but now 24???

Maybe I should be happy with my 20… but I want to go faster :roll_eyes: