Framming Saddle (trouble)

Hi, I am Flavio from Brazil.
I am framming a unicycle, because isnt common here. I dont fond at anyone store.
Already done the pedals and the axis. Myself did.
But I have a trouble with saddle. Because I dont had a poit to start.
I saw at how I can do. But we dont have myata seat base, myata bumper and GB4 stiffene plate here.
I would like to see if someone know the measures, do I make the saddle. Or if u know some way to make the saddles without this parts;
See u!!
Flavio M. Candeias

You can make your own seat base from metal plate or sheet metal. You don’t need to start with a Miyata seat base. It would be helpful to have a Miyata seat base or similar seat base to copy the general shape, but that’s not completely necessary.

Here’s an example of a seat made from scratch with a custom made metal seat base. The seat base is made from aluminum plate. Creative Gecko custom saddle (scroll down to the bottom of the page). Cut the metal plate in the shape of a saddle, bend it to give it some curve, put some padding on it, put a seat cover on it, make some sort of handle, make some sort of rear bumper, and you’ve got a saddle.