I have a Torker, I was wondering if a KH frame would fit a Torker unicycle?

How much would a KH frame be to buy used?

Is a nimbus frame 2 or x better for street/trails?

can you buy the DX frame how much?

This is if my frame were to break, thx.

you have to buy bearing shims if you want to use a KH frame. they are like 120 from darren new. not too many people are selling used KH frames.

if you don’t want to spend a lot just buy a nimbus frame. you won’t even need to buy a new seatpost (for KH you would).

Your best deal IMHO

Would be to buy a KH from AEB and sell your Torker. This would be easier and cheaper then trying to turn your Torker into a KH piece by piece. Think of how individual parts are more expensive, then add in multiple shipping charges etc. It would be better to enjoy your torker until you can buy the whole KH at once.:slight_smile:

nimbus is 25.2, you’re thinkin yuni, which are 22.2.

not sure what you are thinking because yuni is 25.4 and so is the nimbus (not 25.2)

Nimbus uses 25.4 yuni is 22.2 DUH… YEAH GET THE NIMBUS 2 IT ROCKS I JUST GOT IT AND IT FITS REALLY CLOSE TO THE TRYE LIKE NO CLEARANCE… I love it don’t bother getting a kh frame for 120 from Darren as I heard from above or 200 from ucd get the nimbus for like 40…

How strong is the nimbus II in comparison to the Torker frame?

…and will it fit the 24x3" gazz?

lots stronger, but I don’t think the 24" one will fit a gazz. duro fits with little clearence. but you could buy a 26" nimbus frame and the gazz would fit. udc does that for some of their unis.

the duro fits just in a standard nimbus II, and easily in a nimbus II extra wide. Easy way to tell them apart, the standard has emtal plates welded over the tops of the legs, the extra wide has plastic caps.

Does the “extra-wide” fit the Gazz?

Bedford is 22.2, yuni is 25.4, i know. a friend has one yuni. it is 25.4

wait apparently yuni is now making 22.2
kinda stupid but whatever floats their boat
so according to udc you are right.

yuni frames fit gazzs

at least the old ones do.

Yuni has always been 22.2, it is the nimbus which is 25.4. Both the Nimbus and Yuni brands are UDC.

can a torker lx frame fit a k1 devil? because in cody’s koxx breaker video i think he had a lx frame on his devil

Hmm, never tried it but there was loads of room round the tyre so it might well be worth a shot.

Yeah seriously, stop posting this in everyone else’s threads. Make one thread for yourself and be done with it. No one is going to want to buy any of your crap if you keep spamming it across the forums.

how much is 25 pounds? Yea he broke his torker frame and he had it on a koxx something, I’ll have to watch it, someone should try it.