I’m just wondering how much of a difference the frame actually makes, apart from
its weight. Has anybody ever snapped or bent a frame? I would have thought that
the wheel and components would be the first to go bust. I can understand that a
bit of frame flex may affect bicyclists since they are losing power, but since a
unicycle is direct drive, I don’t understand how frame flex could affect

I guess that that the shape and design of a frame would affect how nice it is to
use, and whether parts of the frame get in your way - e.g. the seat bolt and
fork, but apart from that, I don’t see that frame design is super important.



From: “Neil dunlop” <> Sent: Friday, 22 September
2000 8:06 To: <> Subject: Re: Calling all uni techies

    &lt;&lt;File: Mime.822&gt;&gt; Hmmm.... trawling through DejaNews archives it
    appears Schwinn frames weigh a ton which kind of rules them out. Sem
    don't sound right. Which leads me on to a 20" Pashley MUni. My 26"
    Pashley has lasted so far. It:

Seems pretty tough. Takes a 2.6 Gaz tyre - so hopefully the 20" version will
take a 2.5 Monty The frame takes a Suzue hub The wheel should last until the
Monty comes together.

Anyone comments?

Cheers, Neil

“Neil dunlop” <> wrote in message
> We can dream :wink:
> It’s shaping up at the moment to look like a Schwinn frame, Suzue hub
> Monty rim and tyre. As and when the Poz hub gets some shorter cranks
> dish the dosh me thinks.
> Neil
> “Leo White” <> wrote in message
> news:Zs7y5.7556$
> > Neil, What you want … what you really, really want is a 20" DM ATU with:
> > Monty Rim + Tyre Alu Seatpost from Roger Miyata saddle with Roger’s carbon
> > base (not cheap!) 135 or 140 mm splined cranks (shortened by DM - like his
> > shortened
> > Frame either a shortened DMATU
> > - or a standard Ringmaster 20" with special 6203-3/4-2RS (OD 40-mm)
> > Imperial/Metric bearings
> >
> > (and in my dreams it would be all black!)
> >
> > BUT it wouldn’t be cheap (which rules me out for a while)
> >
> > AND you’d have to persuade Dave that it was an interesting and
> > project, as it would entail a fair amount of retooling/rejigging, &
> > stuff in from suppliers that he has no account with etc.
> >
> > Leo White, Cheltenham
> >
> >