Frames:Torker LX/DX vs. Wyganowski


I am planning on buying a freestyle frame for fairly-heavy-duty flatland-type skills. I have noticed that the crown fork of the frame of the Torker LX OR DX 20" and that of the Wyganowski custom uni look FAIRLY similar. Although the Torker has only one “ridge” and the Wyganowski has two “ridges,” do you think that would make that much of a difference in strength? I am prepared to buy either the entire Torker LX or DX (are they the exact frame design??), since you cannot just order the frame by itself on, OR the Wyganowski custom frame (I have a Miyata 20" wheelset).

Any and all suggestions would be helpful. Thanx!!

I recommend the Sem XL longneck. It’s plenty strong for anything you can dish out and doesn’t cost hundreds of bucks.


Good luck!

I’m with Dave. I actually used my Sem as a trials uni before getting something that would take a wider tire and the Sem took everything that I could dish-out. I have a Wyganowski, too, (and I love it for the art and detail) but it is my Sem that I ride and learn new skills on almost every day (read between the lines here: abuse the poor thing and it still is straight and has few dings. Go with the Sem.