Frames for Profile bearings

One of the options for Profile bearings is 1 5/8" OD. What frames were/are made specifically for that bearing size?

The early edition KH Pro muni and trials (only they were not called “pro” at the time).

And apparantly this one also. Guess I have to get the bearings at UDC so I can get it rolling. I’m gonna put a KH/Onza wheelset on it. Heavy but stylin’.


Sweet frame!

well. of course the Profile made frame was as well but we all know that i bet…the red S.howard frame i once had was too. i cant remember if the Super 29er frame i had was or not.

(hmm? i sold a pile of Profile bearings and do-dads in the forum, i am now Profile free…except the 6 empty boxes from hub/crank sets of the past)

Yeah I got that frame right after you sold those. Timing is everything.

That is a SH frame.

not one that SH would ever admit too though :wink:

Some think it “ugly”. I think of it as uni que. How many stainless steel uni frames are there in this world?

I like the not so usual unis as you do too Jag.

Coming soon my Rowing Blizzard/Large Marge

not just some, but the maker himself…i think it looks more “erecter set” than ugly

hey a meccano unicycle