Frames and plates

I have…
-Older 20" Nimbus II frame. Takes a 22.2mm seatpost. This is the wider one and holds a 3" tire with no problems at all. I ran an Eagle Claw in it with no problems. Frame is chrome with no stickers and some wear. $15.00US
-Newer Semcycle 29" frame. Takes a 22.2mm seatpost. This frame will take tires up to 2.10 but no wider, it would take a full 29" tall tire however, with loads of room to spare. This frame is chrome and like new. $15.00US
-Ntappin alloy BC plates. Brand new, never mounted. 10.00US
-22.2 black chro-mo rail type seatpost. Black never ridden or cut, 400mm long $10.00US
-22.2mm bolt on KH pattern seat post. Cut to about 300mm’s in not bad shape $5.00US
-IRC 19"x3.00 Inner tube with screw-down nipple. Brand new 3.00US

I will post pictures on the week-end but most ofthis you could find on the net. My postal code is K7M 8K8, so go to Canada Posts website and work out a shipping rate to your state or postal code.

I’m intrested in buying a Frame 29" and seat post. I would like to know if you can send it to Poland, and if it is possible please let my know how much it would cost ?

dibs on the plates and the inner-tube.

PM sent

Dibs accepted. I will sort out freight. Might be lower than I PM’ed so wait until I send the stuff on the week-end and we can do exact shipping cost to you.

I will get a freight rate to Poland right away. Which post, the rail or bolt-on??

PM sent !

beener your not selling out are ya buddy?


NO, not at all G. I am just condensing some of the stuff in my shed, still have the “G”, and 29" and that 20" KH. I am all looked after. Teaching a Unicycle thing in the summer too, so not getting out at all.

good glad to hear buddy. let me know if you have any 19" rims kickin around gotta get me one of those.

Plates and tube are gone!!

Here is the pictures of the 20". Takes a 3"+ tire. (Chrome one on the left.

Someone with more savy then I can repost. I can’t ever get that thing to work

Just received the plates and tube. They look great.

Looking forward to hurting myself in a whole new way :slight_smile:

I would like the Nimbus 20 frame

I would like the Nimbus 20 frame if still available.

My back is a bit tweaked and my hub is broken but the plates are still perfect if a bit muddy :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again.

You need to move up to a 14MM hub man. It’s fun to put one together to give it a try, but the thicker axle will work whey better.

I am sure my crushed vertebra came for BC falling, that or learning to HSG.

Have fun and take care.

BTW everyone, 29" frame is still for sale!!!

Everything is sold except the 29" semcycle frame.