Framebuilding questions

You’ve hit it right on the head. I’m wanting to build a couple of test frames. My designs are experimental and my brazing technique is experimental, so I don’t want to order anything online, pay the shipping costs, wait for it to arrive, and then break it within 15 minutes of starting on a project, and then have to wait again. I want to be able to run to the local hardware store and buy a replacement within 15 minutes instead of waiting for 15 days (or paying a huge amount for quicker shipping).

I don’t know if my abilities and designs will even work, so why waste time worrying about whether or not it will be quality? I have every confidence that the first frame I build will be a piece of crap (most test projects I do turn out that way). But I will learn from my mistakes and hopefully by the time I get to my target frame (which is, Tellurider, the portable “rocket” frame; see my sig.), I will not only build something that will work, but will also be beautiful.

Once I’m confident that my plans are going to work, I’ll gladly go online and buy chromoly tubing and get the Nimbus bearing holders and pay whatever I need to, to make a high quality unicycle.

When I’m experimenting with making my own camping gear, I always use Wal Mart dollar fabric; not only because of the cost, but because I know I can always get more.

Yeah thats the way to do it,initially low cost for your experimenting and you can enjoy doing it with no pressure of failure,if things dont work out initially you will have spent little money but gained valuable experience if it works out you will be considered a genius,cant lose really.