i’ve been reading up on how i can construct my own uni frames. I’m now wondering if i HAVE TO to ovalize the tubes at teh bottom where the bearing holders weld on.

also, what material should i use, steel or aluminum?
thanks for your time.

Yeah otherwise there won’t be much material contacting the bearing holders, it’s dead easy to ovalise steel tube in a vice, aluminium would be even easier but may need annealing first to stop it cracking. For your first frame I would start with steel, aluminium is more prone to cracking, weaker, much more difficult to weld, and the benefits of it are few.

oh, so i just need a vice?


i work at my local hardware store, so i can get a discount on all my materials… (mostly all, at least…) and my local bike shop might have extra stuff lying around…

Consider using Krashin’Kenny’s Kustom frame design. Easier to build than an all welded frame and it looks good. All you have to do is find an old MTB fork with a suitable crown.

You can braze the bearing holders on instead of welding. Depends on whether you know how to weld or braze or know someone who can weld or braze.

Go with steel. It’s easier to work with and more forgiving.

Some info on brazing