Frame width on Nimbus 29

I am considering getting the Nimbus 29 road, which I understand to be the same frame as the muni version.

Can anyone tell me if the frame crown is narrower than the oracle, measured on the outside of the frame, and by how much?


Im afraid I don’t have an Oracle frame to compare to but the steel 29 is approximately 12cm wide at its widest point. Hopefully someone with an Oracle can give the measurement for it.

Tyre wise it can take any 29x2.4 tyre happily.

On the other hand I have worn through the powder coat at the top of the right fork from out the saddle climbing. If this is why you want to know the width, i suspect it would need a much thinner frame before brushing the frame is avoided.

I have the 24" Oracle and wanted to know the width of the 29", so thanks for that.

I was hoping that the 29" would be narrower to avoid catching or rubbing the crown.
The Oracle is 12cm wide, so a good bit narrower. :slight_smile: