frame width, 2012-14 KH26

I don’t really need a new frame, but I was wondering if anyone knew or could measure the inner width between the legs near the crown of a KH26 frame from 2012 to 2014. (any KH26 frame with disk mounts but not the one-piece forged crown)

2014 KH26 frames are on sale and I have an irrational want for something new, but there isn’t much point if it is the same width or narrower than my 2009 KH24 frame which is tall enough for a 27.5 and has 84mm inner width at the crown.

I would like to try a Knard, at a claimed 78mm width I would like 86mm clearance at a minimum… even a bit more would be nice to be able to run my Gazz for old times sake.

I have measured my frame and the inner width is 82mm.
With a Schwalbe Hans Dampf 26x2.35 on a Halo SAS rim (36mm outer width) there is 18mm Clearance to the top.

The Surly Dirt Wizard 26x2.75 is 71mm wide on the same rim.

Thanks. Maybe I should be asking people what their measured width is for the Knard is on a KH rim, My rim is only a bit wider.

If I have have to stay below a true 3" tire I will survive somehow. I am also kind of curious about the Dirt Wizard.

According to Surly, the Knard 26x3.0 on a Rabbit Hole is 78mm at its widest so it should be slightly at or under that.