Frame shaving for short riders

Has anyone had any success with this? My wife is really (and I mean really) short. We recently borrowed a KH24 to test it out and with the seat post pegged at the very bottom and the cranks in the 125mm holes she could ride but her legs were fully extended when in the bottom of her rotations. She’d probably be better off with about two more inches of space.

Moving down to 114 cranks would probably help a bit. We might also be able to save some height in moving from a KH adjustable post to a non-adjustable post. That alone would probably add a half inch. I’m really trying to do too much with one uni but one of the reasons in going with the KH is so I can use it for technical muni. Dual hole cranks facilitate that but the size we’d need (114/137) probably wouldn’t work out for me.

I’d really prefer a KH for weight savings but one problem with the KH frame is that the neck starts out the width of the seat post, but then widens out where it connects to the frame. The wider portion of the frame isn’t supporting the post, just the narrow portion, so I’m afraid that I won’t have the recommended 2" of post in the frame should I need to shave it down. Nimbus frames are a bit more forgiving in that the neck has a uniform width all the way down.

What does the oracle frame look like? Could it be shaved down or does it widen like the KH? Maybe that’s the lighter option we could go with. Anyone with a KH and an oracle that could chime in on the weight difference? I love my nimbus 26 muni, but hopping on it is tiring.

So, anyone have experience making larger wheels (in this case a 24" :wink: ) accessible to shorter riders? She’s really frustrated with the speed of the trials uni and the only other option is tossing a schlumpf hub into a trials. :sunglasses:

I believe you understand this wrong. This is what a cross section of a KH24 frame looks like.


I chopped almost 2 inches off my KH20 Long Neck trials

It is easy enough drill a hole in line with the existing slot in the frame where you want the bottom of the new slot to be, then using a hacksaw and using the edged of the existing slot as a guide cut down to the hole you drilled and do this on each side of the existing slot. Then lop off the top of the seat tube.

Took me 5 minutes to do mine

Nice to know! I assumed the interior followed the profile of the exterior. I guess I could safely cut an inch or more off the frame.

which does make me wonder why you got a long neck?

Come now that is a silly question :stuck_out_tongue:

The point of a long neck (other than looking awesome) is to place the seat clamp out the way under the seat, I have shortish legs so a Long neck for me isn’t the as someone who is 6ft, I was riding it full length but it was a tad too high and effecting my hope height

You can get flatland unis with long necks all the way up to 500mm long


Yup. The entire point of the current frame design is to make the neck of the frame thicker at the base where hard core riders were snapping the previous models.