frame questions

will a 20x2.5 splined wheel set for trials fit onto a 20" unicrown norco frame? and how aare unicrown frames for trials? ive heard that they are alright but not incredible and i could probly get by on one. or should i just go to bedford and get a flatcrown trials frame…

p.s. i dont have alot o money so if my current fame is ok plz tell me!

I know that kelly hickman (juggle508) is using a curved 20" sun frame on his trials wheel. He said he had to cut some of the the nobs off the tire so it might be a tight. I say try it with your frame and if it doesnt fit then get a bedford.

ok well when i get my whells set from you ill test it out

it does fit I tryed it …

well if it doesnt its more bad rep points for you

naw just kiddin but im glad it will fit