Frame. Paint or chrome?

Are there any benefits to having chromed frame over a painted frame and vis versa?

Chrome stands up to more battering and bashing than paint/powdercoat, although the chemicals involved in the chroming process are pretty evil and not good for the environment.

Powdercoating is tougher than spray painting, although it costs a bit more and you can’t do it yourself.


Quality is key

Thin, poorly done chrome will flake, and corrode quickly. Excellent chrome will polish well and last a long time. Harley Davidson has made an empire on the durability of their chrome. Old Harleys look so good, that they sell a lot of new Harleys. Other brands, that looked equally lustrous in the showroom 20 years ago, look like skin cancer victims now.
The best paint is baked on powder coat. I don’t know of any uni’s that come with it. It is not to $ to get it done locally in some places.
I think it is easier to get a non chromed frame powder coated. Muniaddict Terry powder coated his chromed radial though.
In general, I would not consider paint or chrome quality much of a factor in buying a uni. Buy the uni you want based on other factors, then powder coat it later if you want.

It is the same uni ,Nimbus isis, but i was wondering about getting the black nimbus frame or the chromed one.

Paint looks way cooler.

Paint. Chrome looks super cheesy to me, I hate it.

Yeah that is why I posted this thread to see if chrome had any benefits other wise i was going to try and get the black nimbus frame.

Go with the black

go with black, when you start to chip, just scape off all the paint, sand it, then apply duracoat paint, It lasts like 5x longer than normal spraypaint.