Frame options for the KH/Onza Hub

Recently I’ve been working out the pricing for building a new custom trials unicycle. I had hoped to use the Kh/Onza Hub however I realized that it comes with 42mm OD bearings. Am I correct in saying that the only trials frame which will fit the KH/Onza hub from UDC is the KH frame? I’m trying to stay somewhat on a budget and with the increase of the KH frame to $200 dollars, that isnt really an option for me. I believe I’ve heard of people squeezing it into the nimbus II frame? Is that healthy for the bearings or even possible?

Well there are none that i know of from UDC that have 42MM that would save you any money. i do know that the Bedford frames are much cheaper and come in 42MM bearing housings! I don’t think trying to “shove” anything together that doesn’t fit is a good idea… and if it is not 42MM the frame will not fit.

spend the extra money and get the kh frame.

you may have to save for longer but it is worth it. it is sexy. and light.



Alright, thanks guys. I guess I was under the impression that there must have been more options, thanks for the input.

My Muni has a KH/Onza hub with a Nimbus II frame and it fits fine. Unlike the KH frame’s machined bearing holders the Nimbus II’s are more forgiving (i.e. not as precise).

As I understand it they are trying to source smaller diameter bearings for this very purpose.

When I needed to fit a 40mm frame onto a KH onza hub, Roger made (or got manufactured, more correctly) some 40mm bearings to fit. I think that Torker Unicycles come with bearings that are the correct ID & 40mm OD, someone might post here about that, I know some people have used them and have the part number you can get your LBS to order.


I’ve been running 42mm KH bearings in a Nimbus 40mm frame for years, works fine whatever anyone says.

Bedford frames are cheaper, yet still well made. Contact Darren if you are interested, he always seems to have good advice, and the products to back it up.

Definitely worth checking out.

there is, Torker DX bearings are 40mm X 20mm. thats all you need to mate a standard frame to a KH hub…

Do a search here on Torker bearings or DX bearings…the part number and how to order them is in a thread…

i bought three pair from my local shop…( we did have to order them)

i have my kh/onxa hub and crank set in a bedford frame… it works fine!!!

mee too…im firring my 04 kh hub and crankset into a bedford

I would love to go through bedford but the boarder charges ruin it for me. I’m in the US.

oh …i think the nimbus fits it just fine…the new hoppley from has an 04 kh hub and a nimbus frame the bearing for the o4 kh and the o5/o6 are the same.

Go with the Bedford, shipping to the US is not that bad, I actually had my KH hub/cranks shipped to my parents place last summer. Having stuff shipped from Canada to the US isn’t bad, it’s the US to Canada that will make you cry.

And my Bedford Trials has the KH hub, and it’s awesome :smiley: