Frame+Hub for a 29x3 Knard?

Hi, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here… haven’t had a Unicycle since I sold my Nimbus 36er… which only had about 100km on it.

Looking to get a Muni so I can ride along side my 3 year old, since riding a bicycle slowly isn’t much fun at all, also need the knee exercise… been having knee pains, just as before I Unicycled… thinking it’s the lack of muscle around my knees.

So I currently ride a Fatback fatbike, with 26x4 tires, and I really liked the new Krampus from Surly, and was thinking it would be a perfect wheel for a Unicycle.

Which frames fit the Knard 29x3? And will I need a super wide hub? Or have people had strong wheel builds with a regular hub?

There seems to be a lack of parts as compared to a couple years ago… lots of hubs, but frames/rims/tires seem lackluster compared to what I remember.

as far as im aware the new 29 oracle will fit the knard

but i believe its a tight fit with some even needing to trim the outside knobbies ( is that the right word…)
i think you shouldnt have a problem with a standard 100mm spaced hub

as for the rim…
36 hole options are probably kh free ride at 47mm, or velocity blunt at 35mm

the surley rabbit hole rim looks awesome, but at 32 holes it limits your hub choices

im looking at doining a similar build when i can get all the bits together. let us know what works

The Oracle and Oregon frame both fit the knard. If you go with the Oracle you may have to shave a little off the side nobbies on the tire to get it to fit. For the oregon frame you’ll need the Oregon hub (superwide). I don’t believe the 29er Oracle frame requires a super wide hub but I’m not sure about it.

So looks like I need the Oregon frame and 32H Oregon hub, perfect.

I would be using the Surly rim, last few KH rims I dealt with seemed to be a bit soft…

Just need to sell a bit more of my MTB parts…

You could just buy this.

Ah yes…

What about the Drak? Looks to have lots of clearance on that 2.5" tire…

Could I space the frame up from the bearings a bit and run the Knard in that?

Would one of the old twin-hoop Nimbus 36" frames fit? Obviously it would have plenty of clearance height-wise; would the frame be wide enough? I stumbled onto a dirt cheap 36er and might consider turning it into a 29x3.

I wouldn’t do it. Even if it fit with space to spare you’d hit the tire against the rim all the time. The Nightrider is very flexy.

I doubt that it would have enough room. It gets pretty skinny at the top.

RIM=FRAME, I normally read my posts before submitting, but I guess this one slipped past.