Frame/Hub Compatibility

I have been wanting a round-crown frame for soo long and Nimbus doesn’t seem to be making them any more. I was woundering if this frame: would fit on a Moment hub. I know that the frame is 40mm and the hub is 42mm but people have said that the have been running things like that for years and no problems at all.


bearing spacing almost certainly too small for a Moment hub

If you are running a trials wheelset on your moment hub, make sure it will fit in that frame, not just the bearing holders.

Yes Yes Yes and Yes

The Spokes may hit the frame though… I have one…I Dont use it though…

When you ride it does it work well? Because I’m serously thinking about buying it.


Go onto unicycle product reviews, the custom nimbus thread and look on the first page. a guy has on there (it’s yellow). I contacted him and he said it fits fine, you just have to make sure it’s bolted up tight. I too am getting one

It works fine, Only problem is that its a 22.2 post…